Contest Name :08 August Documentary, Submission Date :08-19-2008, Uploaded By : Mark
Directed By :  mark abriel, wrtier/photographer/holistic health,,
Shot On: mini DV, Edited On: final cut pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Byron Bay ,nsw , Australia   Views: 3049
Inspiration: Australia's seaside town of Byron Bay, known for its perfect surf, and nature, has become a center for unexplained aerial phenomenon

Amazing stuff here Mark. The footage of the UFO is real proof that we are not alone... 
Pretty interesting, maybe we are not alone. Nice surfing for a kid from Cocoa Beach Hidh. 
The fact that these phenomena seem to be recurrent in the area, thanks to rich documentation produced by Mark Abriel and others, should be sufficient to promote a serious and systematic scientific investigation of such phenomena using several instruments such as cameras equipped with dispersion grating, VLF-ELF receiver, radar, and IR Thermocamera (in particular this one). This documentary can be important to focus the importance of scientific monitoring of these anomalies, well far away from any "ufological" premature interpretation. When such phenomena are frequent in a given area the possibility to monitor them scientifically is certainly non-zero (for instance: research carried out in Hessdalen, Norway) 
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