Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :10-26-2008, Uploaded By : Darren
Directed By :  Fred Every, Darren Miller, Producer,,
Shot On: DVX100, Edited On: Vegas 8,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.25 mins
Grahamstown ,Eastern Cape , South Africa   Views: 2516
Inspiration: Mr. Shaw finds himself in the trunk of a car and faced with a life or death decision. Make a choice, Mr. Shaw.

really intriguing, and well made, congrats  
"Saw" some? Well filmed though, I want to see more...but I hope it's not liek a tame version of Saw... 
What an amazing way to start a Monday...a 2nd place on filmaka!! Thanks goes out to everyone who worked on this project. And many many thanks to guys ROCK!! :D - Fred Every 
Great job FRED. I really liked the film. I played it twice. I told my girl friend "check this out!". Nice!! Keep it up dude... I looks like you got a good crew working with you. NICE JOB GUYS! 
"Fony" that's pretty cool, great film 
Well, done! Suspenseful and well shot. Congratulations on the 2nd place! Great to see South Africans doing well. 
I was at the edge of my seat !!!!! F ing yah !!!!! I'd die to work with you.  
really well done but I must admit it seems anything but original, points for production and acting but this is obviously strongly based of a successful collection of movies also known as "SAW". I feel the producers of Saw already beat this point and style to the ground. Save our theaters for something new this film has been done so many times before. But KUDO's for amazing production, editing and acting. 
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