Kind Op Maat

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :12-01-2008, Uploaded By : Chris
Directed By :  Chris Zomer, student,,
   Crew Members: 0  Duration:
Heemstede ,Noord-Holland , Netherlands   Views: 3891
Inspiration: Mr. van der Vliet and his wife are ordering their first child...

Great. The ending is very bad, cos it's too easy, I think you're able to find something better, also because it is possible to know that it's a girl in advance. But really a great idea for a long movie. 
Very tense film- but funny too and nicely shot.  
ohhh so close.... I was intrique.. then the ending is like you ran out of idea. So close... LOve the idea.. you can absolutely expand this. 
wow the start was amazing - I was so intrigued but then went flat and then the end was another genre altogether - but fantastic beginning - great acting. had potential of being very powerful 
Great film, from beginning to the end. Great idea and you kept it clean too - so very hard for so many indie filmmaker. But you pulled it off. Great sound, very crisp and clean. Story is King - and you nailed it right on! Your actors come across very real. I love the end - you don't have to tell much more, I got it. 5 ***** I want to see more films by you. Awesome! 
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