Mad On Her

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-01-2008, Uploaded By : Dean
Directed By :  Dean Loxton, actor/director,,
Shot On: Sony Z1 and Domestic, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 2.82 mins
London ,None , United Kingdom   Views: 773
Inspiration: Kerry arrives in London, it is her first day and she has a mission, to meet her idol. Jennifer Evans (Evil Aliens) - Kerry

terrific! sumptuous cinematography and a wonderful lead actress. I enjoyed the music a lot too. great job. 
This film is a stand out for me. I could watch her try to find Madonna all day. So fragile and yet so determined. Well crafted and very confident. 
Lovely/talented actress and a well done film. I loved the shots.  
Beautifully filmmed and nicely edited. Not sure how it relates to the theme, but still it really stands out. 
Wonderful acting. Why wasnt her name listed? I had a feeling she WAS going to find Madonna in the end. She is amazing actress and the nicest person ever! 
Great acting, very cute story. I actually love the fact that she doesn't meet Madonna. Had me guessing till the end. She has a lovely presence, a fragility. A good future as an actress! Excellent directing! 
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