Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-05-2008, Uploaded By : M
Directed By :  Mahalia Belo, Animator, Filmaker. ,,
   Crew Members: 0  Duration: 2.69 mins
LONDON ,ENGLAND , United Kingdom   Views: 1568
Inspiration: The First Day: Paradise. A take on Adam and Eve. Shot on the last sunny day of the year in London.

Wonderful take. Loved it! 
Great cinematography! I've never seen London looking so nice. What camera did you use? Is that Hampstead Heath? Good acting too. 
very nicely shot, and if I am not mistaken a great grade??? (am learning color at moment) very atmospheric. Nice performances. 
nicely shot. great job! 
Thanks for your comments! paradise ended up being a secluded part of Richmond Park, Although I did spend a time in Hampstead trying to see if I'd get away with filming, but far too many people walking dogs. We shot using the Z1 but managed to get hold of a Redrock adapter for 35mm Nikon lenses for the day- It was our first time using them! I didn't actually grade any of this I think we were just lucky with light. The actors were brilliant to work with, again I was very lucky. 
I keep posting blank comments. Arhhhh. Anyway, I wanted to chorus what people have said. Beautiful imagery. The fog and the Elk...I think it's an Elk, was really magical. Really good work. 
Brilliant - unsettling, emotive and very dark. Stays with you forever.Alex you are a natural for psycho-thrillers. Excellent work! 
Brilliant - unsettling, emotive and very dark. Stays with you forever.Alex you are a natural for psycho-thrillers. Excellent work! 
Decent acting, well shot, overall pretty good short film...check out PFI: Party Foul Investigation... I think its really about a bad first day at work...haha 
I really like it. The acting is slow pace, and it fits perfectly with the superb imageries. Eve is sensual in a natural way. I would have love to ear a far rolling tunder with the last rainy shots. Man, I want a camera with a well controled focus! Good work. 
Beautifully shot, strong direction and well acted. Subtle and thought provoking....I like this a lot. 
So gorgeous. Great use of the focus. Nice to see video moving in the ways of film. I enjoyed this piece.  
Lovely film, wonderfully shot. Enjoyed the mood you created. The deer reminded me of Richmond park right away, didnt know there was wild strawberries though. 
Amazinly shot, loved the opening. Also great conrntrol of the focus, it really added to the film 
Beautiful shots. Great use of depth of field,  
P.S. The writing is also excellent.  
nice scene capturing you gotta gr8 creativity... but i guess vdo is themeless or something missin??? nyway not bad.. cheers for ur effort in selection of angles.. 
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