Pagtingin (Perspective)

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-05-2008, Uploaded By : Cheryl
Directed By :  cheryl ingles, Filimmaker,,
   Crew Members: 6  Duration: 3.00 mins
Pasig ,Philippines , Philippines   Views: 1425
Inspiration: through the film, I want to show that beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder.

You'll never view the world the same way after seeing it through the eyes of Dino.. My vote! 
Love it! 
Beautiful and horrible story. I enjoyed it a lot. 
A humain film. Extremelly touching. Great characters, well written. Really great work. 
sometimes even with my eyes wide open I can't see a thing, i have to close it to see more of the world.. this film teaches the importance of perspective for each individual. and that is my Perspective... 
Great film! Yasmin Marquez 
Hey Che, liked it, particularly the lighting and cinematography, if I may call it that. I find some parts of the script a bit cliche and forced though, but that's just very minor. All in all, great first foray into film making! 
nice film!  
This is great, Cheryl! Hope to see more films from you... 
Emotional and beautiful. 
Offers a new perspective. A hope in the darkness. 
life has so many stages, wherever we are, let's be thankful and never lose hope. there's a saying, in every ginisa there is sebuyas, in english, "there's a light at the end of the tunnel", i thank you. 
Liked it, give a new perspective on life's realities. 
Love the story. 
very good screenplay, the film can stand even without the dialogues. very good and well directed film. kudos. dinno sandoval 
This a one hell of a film! I Love it! Award winning actors and realistic characters! hehehe! Aus! 
I've often wondered what it must be like to live without sight. Ms. Ingles' film makes one think and be thankful for all the blessings God has given me. 
its a slice of how one can look at a situation and just go flipside. the humor of the gods seem apt in the filmakers mind as conversations run through the events. a gifted perspective. kudos to ms. ingles. 
its a slice of how one can look at a situation and just go flipside. the humor of the gods seem apt in the filmakers mind as conversations run through the events. a gifted perspective. kudos to ms. ingles. 
congrats on your first film, cheryl! wine na'to! 
shadow defines liight 
Congrats! Your first film, galing. Can't wait to see more. Sorry as always late na naman ko. 
wow, che.. this is a very nice film.. the story is so so good... you'll definitely make it big in the film industry.. ang galing!!.. more films to come.. 
the first things that this viewer noticed was the film's beautifully executed cinematography, and it's fast paced and concise story telling. the former contributed to a pleasant viewing experience while the latter allowed the film to avoid the usual pitfall of being melodramatic especially when tackling such a subject. together it paved the way to delivering a very simple yet important message that really hits the mark. me therefore labs it! :D 
When life feels sour like a lemon, make lemonade...I loved your story. 
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