Making Of "Bad Timing"

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :11-30-2008, Uploaded By : Juliane
Directed By :  Adrian Lai & Juliane Block, Filmmaker & Designer,,
Shot On: Panasonic NV-GS400, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.00 mins
Kuala Lumpur ,KL , Malaysia   Views: 222
Inspiration: Behind the scenes of "Bad Timing"

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The First Day Of The-Alessandro
The First Day Of The
Directed By Alessandro

3.25 min 1
The Day They Shut Th-Scott
The Day They Shut Th
Directed By Scott

3.08 min 12
The Intern: The Firs-Doug
The Intern: The Firs
Directed By Doug

3.09 min 5
The Game-Mohamed
The Game
Directed By Mohamed

3.35 min 7
The Call I've Been W-Jörgen
The Call I've Been W
Directed By Jörgen

1.11 min 1
Day After On The Gra-Damir
Day After On The Gra
Directed By Damir

3.23 min 13
Day One-Brian
Day One
Directed By Brian

3.00 min 13
Seven Days Out-Brett
Seven Days Out
Directed By Brett

3.00 min 2
My 1st Day / My 1st -Jardiel
My 1st Day / My 1st
Directed By Jardiel

3.03 min 7
Mad On Her-Dean
Mad On Her
Directed By Dean

2.82 min 7
The First Day-Sahra
The First Day
Directed By Sahra

3.03 min 13
Inappropriate Behavi-Greg
Inappropriate Behavi
Directed By Greg

3.31 min 5
The First Day Withou-Lisa
The First Day Withou
Directed By Lisa

3.10 min 8
Dine & Dash-Enrique
Dine & Dash
Directed By Enrique

1.74 min 6
The First Day...A Ne-Keshav
The First Day...A Ne
Directed By Keshav

3.00 min 8
The First Day-Hemang
The First Day
Directed By Hemang

3.43 min 4
The First Day-Alexander
The First Day
Directed By Alexander

3.23 min 9
The First Day Home-Lee
The First Day Home
Directed By Lee

2.18 min 9
Het Begin-Chris
Het Begin
Directed By Chris

2.34 min 3
An Autumn Tale-Manu
An Autumn Tale
Directed By Manu

3.25 min 8
The Day I Had To Die-Warwick
The Day I Had To Die
Directed By Warwick

2.57 min 2
Le Premier Jour/The -Pierre
Le Premier Jour/The
Directed By Pierre

3.00 min 15
The Piano-Ari
The Piano
Directed By Ari

1.80 min 7
First Day-Vojtech
First Day
Directed By Vojtech

3.27 min 6
By That Sweet Neck-Felipe
By That Sweet Neck
Directed By Felipe

3.20 min 16
11am At Firdous Squa-Dima
11am At Firdous Squa
Directed By Dima

3.10 min 13
The First Day-France
The First Day
Directed By France

3.41 min 7
Frankfurter For Mr. -Adrian
Frankfurter For Mr.
Directed By Adrian

1.53 min 5
Directed By Joseph

2.89 min 1
Sorry Charlie-Peter
Sorry Charlie
Directed By Peter

3.32 min 9
Induction Al-Aliakbar
Induction Al
Directed By Aliakbar

3.01 min 9
Directed By Li

2.76 min 5
Directed By Johnny

3.06 min 8
Twilight Of The Idol-Daniel
Twilight Of The Idol
Directed By Daniel

2.73 min 1
When We Rise Up-Tinna
When We Rise Up
Directed By Tinna

2.98 min 4
My First Day-Michael
My First Day
Directed By Michael

3.00 min 3
Directed By David

2.46 min 4
The Crystal Diaries-Eder
The Crystal Diaries
Directed By Eder

2.99 min 0
The First Day Of The-Alessandro
The First Day Of The
Directed By Alessandro

3.25 min 9
The Rudimentary Walk-Jordan
The Rudimentary Walk
Directed By Jordan

2.99 min 5
First Day Of The Pic-Matthew
First Day Of The Pic
Directed By Matthew

2.76 min 16
Directed By Mahalia

2.69 min 17
Breaking Day-Francesco
Breaking Day
Directed By Francesco

2.29 min 4
The Last Stop-Damian
The Last Stop
Directed By Damian

3.93 min 6
Pfi: Party Foul Inve-Dan
Pfi: Party Foul Inve
Directed By Dan

2.99 min 2
Gate Fever-Nik
Gate Fever
Directed By Nik

2.96 min 8
The First Day-Rock
The First Day
Directed By Rock

2.22 min 4
Directed By Aaron

3.00 min 17
Pagtingin (Perspecti-cheryl
Pagtingin (Perspecti
Directed By cheryl

3.00 min 25
Hurry To Be Early-Greg
Hurry To Be Early
Directed By Greg

2.97 min 6
New Society (The Fir-Fernando
New Society (The Fir
Directed By Fernando

2.98 min 3
First Day Of Holly M-Gadi
First Day Of Holly M
Directed By Gadi

2.05 min 1
Day One-Kevin
Day One
Directed By Kevin

2.99 min 11
The First Day In Und-Filmaka
The First Day In Und
Directed By Filmaka

3.18 min 9
Esos Ojos Rojos-Mario
Esos Ojos Rojos
Directed By Mario

3.20 min 8
Crying Is Cool-Patrick
Crying Is Cool
Directed By Patrick

3.00 min 1
This Day-Miro
This Day
Directed By Miro

2.01 min 14
First Date-Dawn
First Date
Directed By Dawn

3.13 min 1
Bad Timing-Adrian
Bad Timing
Directed By Adrian

2.12 min 2
Dead End-Aaron
Dead End
Directed By Aaron

3.17 min 1
The Boss-Pedro
The Boss
Directed By Pedro

3.62 min 1
The First Loss-Pierre
The First Loss
Directed By Pierre

3.00 min 0
11am At Firdous Sq P-Dima
11am At Firdous Sq P
Directed By Dima

3.13 min 0
Kind Op Maat-Chris
Kind Op Maat
Directed By Chris

2.38 min 5
Worse Than You Could-Felipe
Worse Than You Could
Directed By Felipe

2.73 min 0
Directed By Alexander

3.25 min 0
At First Sight-Sahra
At First Sight
Directed By Sahra

2.44 min 1
Occult Diary-Li
Occult Diary
Directed By Li

2.28 min 0
My First ....-Aliakbar
My First ....
Directed By Aliakbar

3.33 min 0
Bagong Puso -cheryl
Bagong Puso
Directed By cheryl

3.17 min 0
Ten First Days-Matthew
Ten First Days
Directed By Matthew

3.90 min 5
Directed By Tinna

3.31 min 0
B I R T H D A y-Mahalia
B I R T H D A y
Directed By Mahalia

3.36 min 0