Moving On Fast !

Contest Name :Cisco Digital Cribs, Submission Date :10-14-2008, Uploaded By : Paul Eduard
Directed By :  Paul Eduard Schneider, freelance Filmaka,,
Shot On: HVX200 LetusEx Nikon, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.81 mins
Sebes ,Alba , Romania   Views: 4067
Inspiration: Bogdan lost both arms when he was 13, in a high voltage electrocution accident. Now he's a network administrator, working for the Power Company ...

Definitely the most unique entry in this contest. Great submission all around! 
Simply wonderful. Thank you Bogdan, thank you Paul. 
Thank you very much for your appreciations ! Your feedback means a lot to Bogdan and me. Please check out the second part (more technical) on my profile page. 
yep... you are right... stick to it ;))) 
Loved it. Keep it up. Miss you. 
You deserve the 5 stars I gave you, this is an emotionally charged piece. My only critique is that you should have used this in your soundtrack. 
I knew you'd make it... congratulations! 
That was brilliant. Very real and interesting. I enjoyed it. 
Nice!! :-D 
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