Neighbourly Love

Contest Name :Ford Mustang Stories, Submission Date :09-22-2008, Uploaded By : Federico
Directed By :  Federico Forcolini, editor, director,,
Shot On: EX1 Xdcam, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 8  Duration: 3.70 mins
London ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 690
Inspiration: my love of Mustangs and desire to own one

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"The New Girl"
Directed By Jon

5.71 min 0
Man's Best Friend-Brandon
Man's Best Friend
Directed By Brandon

1.87 min 0
Directed By Michael

3.43 min 0
Down The Road-Alejandro
Down The Road
Directed By Alejandro

3.13 min 0
First Kiss-Colin
First Kiss
Directed By Colin

6.13 min 0
My Father And I-Sammie
My Father And I
Directed By Sammie

3.10 min 0
Run With Me-Dario
Run With Me
Directed By Dario

2.98 min 0
The One-Dave
The One
Directed By Dave

3.85 min 0
The Good The Bad The-Erik
The Good The Bad The
Directed By Erik

3.19 min 0
U Better Say Mustang-Yaara
U Better Say Mustang
Directed By Yaara

2.94 min 0
Numskull (Us)-Sonny
Numskull (Us)
Directed By Sonny

4.13 min 0
Road Trip-Jesse
Road Trip
Directed By Jesse

3.05 min 0
Seems Like Yesterday-Kay
Seems Like Yesterday
Directed By Kay

4.69 min 0
And Then We Kissed-Azhur
And Then We Kissed
Directed By Azhur

3.00 min 0
Bullitt Mustang-Aion
Bullitt Mustang
Directed By Aion

2.50 min 0
Mustang Magic-Cullen
Mustang Magic
Directed By Cullen

3.98 min 0
002 Vs. Dr. Buzzsaw -Richard
002 Vs. Dr. Buzzsaw
Directed By Richard

2.86 min 0
Father's Day - Ford -Jonathan
Father's Day - Ford
Directed By Jonathan

4.83 min 1
Summer Fun-Varda
Summer Fun
Directed By Varda

4.25 min 0
Neighbourly Love-Federico
Neighbourly Love
Directed By Federico

3.70 min 0
Soooo Happy Birthday-Tom
Soooo Happy Birthday
Directed By Tom

5.62 min 0
Directed By Dana

6.74 min 0