Its My Game

Contest Name :Pros and Con Games, Submission Date :10-26-2008, Uploaded By : V-
Directed By :  V-BRANG, STUDENT,,
Shot On: HD, Edited On: AVID,  Crew Members: 8  Duration: 2.66 mins
MUMBAI ,MAHARASHTRA , India   Views: 743

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Evening Gala-Ricardo
Evening Gala
Directed By Ricardo

3.59 min 12
Red Huntress-Kristjan
Red Huntress
Directed By Kristjan

3.01 min 10
Goodbye, Vincent.-Nicholas
Goodbye, Vincent.
Directed By Nicholas

3.00 min 3
Let's Con Filmaka!-Dustin
Let's Con Filmaka!
Directed By Dustin

2.78 min 10
Hole In One-Craig
Hole In One
Directed By Craig

2.48 min 6
Sábado No Parque-Sálua
Sábado No Parque
Directed By Sálua

2.99 min 1
Displaced Ep.1 Anima-Nate
Displaced Ep.1 Anima
Directed By Nate

2.98 min 0
Its My Game-V-BRANG
Its My Game
Directed By V-BRANG

2.66 min 0
The Scam-Peter
The Scam
Directed By Peter

3.00 min 4
Directed By Dawn

1.76 min 5
The Morning Shuffle-Darren
The Morning Shuffle
Directed By Darren

3.37 min 1
Still Waiting-Christian
Still Waiting
Directed By Christian

3.17 min 10
Line Of Work-Joel
Line Of Work
Directed By Joel

2.97 min 3
Directed By Pedro

3.79 min 3
Directed By Andres

3.16 min 1
Sho (Stealing Human -Ozgur
Sho (Stealing Human
Directed By Ozgur

2.58 min 4
My Mate Dave-Jonathan
My Mate Dave
Directed By Jonathan

1.05 min 5
The Pro-Dominik
The Pro
Directed By Dominik

2.88 min 6
Frankie' Jewels-Andreas
Frankie' Jewels
Directed By Andreas

2.13 min 6
Directed By Daniel

2.44 min 4
Directed By Enrique

3.96 min 3
River Redemption-Robert
River Redemption
Directed By Robert

3.00 min 1
Love Story-Pedro
Love Story
Directed By Pedro

3.17 min 4
Count Lustig-Felipe
Count Lustig
Directed By Felipe

3.09 min 11
Yes We Con !-Greg
Yes We Con !
Directed By Greg

3.06 min 3
Directed By Walter

3.16 min 2
Unduniable Proof-Joseph
Unduniable Proof
Directed By Joseph

2.53 min 2
Directed By Pedro

4.60 min 1
Rodeo Clown-Paul
Rodeo Clown
Directed By Paul

3.09 min 8
Run Me Over-Philippe
Run Me Over
Directed By Philippe

2.50 min 1
Argent Facile / Easy-Pierre
Argent Facile / Easy
Directed By Pierre

2.88 min 1
Pretense Confused-Gregory
Pretense Confused
Directed By Gregory

3.00 min 4
Hard-Wired Part 1-Peter
Hard-Wired Part 1
Directed By Peter

3.33 min 6
Directed By Pedro

3.40 min 2
Hardly Working-Kyle
Hardly Working
Directed By Kyle

3.02 min 8
The Break Of The Cen-Maxime
The Break Of The Cen
Directed By Maxime

3.37 min 2
Directed By Mark

3.17 min 3
Directed By Brian

3.00 min 7
A Game-Vitor
A Game
Directed By Vitor

1.73 min 0
Pinch, Pitch, Bitch -Robin
Pinch, Pitch, Bitch
Directed By Robin

3.00 min 6
The Granite Bucksaw-Jason
The Granite Bucksaw
Directed By Jason

3.00 min 1
In The Bag-Jim
In The Bag
Directed By Jim

2.74 min 2
Directed By Austin

3.27 min 4
Where's My Saltfish?-Yasunari
Where's My Saltfish?
Directed By Yasunari

3.01 min 3
White Lies-Michael
White Lies
Directed By Michael

2.96 min 5
A Surprise-Jaishankar
A Surprise
Directed By Jaishankar

2.67 min 10
Kiss Me-christian
Kiss Me
Directed By christian

3.00 min 5
Ella Guru-Mark
Ella Guru
Directed By Mark

3.44 min 1
9 Out Of 10-Solomon
9 Out Of 10
Directed By Solomon

2.00 min 7
The Baron-Sam
The Baron
Directed By Sam

2.25 min 4
Double Blind-Richard
Double Blind
Directed By Richard

2.01 min 0
The Hard Man-Kristian
The Hard Man
Directed By Kristian

2.83 min 5
The Ride
Directed By GILLIAN

2.95 min 11
The Card Hustle-P.
The Card Hustle
Directed By P.

2.29 min 0
The Con And The Scam-Joseph
The Con And The Scam
Directed By Joseph

1.43 min 3
The Con-Blake
The Con
Directed By Blake

3.97 min 1
Cover Blown-Jordan
Cover Blown
Directed By Jordan

3.30 min 1
The Master Salesman-Fernando
The Master Salesman
Directed By Fernando

2.45 min 0
En Passant-Adam
En Passant
Directed By Adam

3.27 min 11
One Moment-Steven
One Moment
Directed By Steven

3.00 min 6
50 Bucks-Nikolas
50 Bucks
Directed By Nikolas

2.99 min 10
Directed By Kevin

3.12 min 3
...In The Meanwhile-Sharon
...In The Meanwhile
Directed By Sharon

3.00 min 4
The Raw Deal-Matthew
The Raw Deal
Directed By Matthew

1.40 min 12
The Matchmaker-JP
The Matchmaker
Directed By JP

3.25 min 3
The Two Dollar Game-Tinna
The Two Dollar Game
Directed By Tinna

3.38 min 2
The Highwayman-Roman,
The Highwayman
Directed By Roman,

2.04 min 11
Let's Con Filmaka!!!-Daniel
Let's Con Filmaka!!!
Directed By Daniel

2.56 min 4
The Manipulator-Kyle
The Manipulator
Directed By Kyle

3.25 min 1
Nomen Nescio-Kristjan
Nomen Nescio
Directed By Kristjan

3.20 min 2
Hard-Wired Part 2-Peter
Hard-Wired Part 2
Directed By Peter

3.33 min 0
The King Of Spades-Ricardo
The King Of Spades
Directed By Ricardo

3.58 min 0
Directed By Pedro

3.50 min 3
Sweet Heart Escape G-Paul
Sweet Heart Escape G
Directed By Paul

3.08 min 5
The Good Book-Solomon
The Good Book
Directed By Solomon

3.00 min 0
Directed By Christian

3.52 min 1
Special Delivery-Sam
Special Delivery
Directed By Sam

3.14 min 1
Fool's Game-Felipe
Fool's Game
Directed By Felipe

3.33 min 0
Directed By Nicholas

2.62 min 4