Red Huntress

Contest Name :Pros and Con Games, Submission Date :11-16-2008, Uploaded By : Kristjan
Directed By :  Kristjan Knigge, Director,,
Shot On: HVX 200, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.01 mins
Amsterdam ,NH , Netherlands   Views: 1665
Inspiration: Perception of reality versus actual reality. Do we see only what we want to? And at what price?

Not expecting that ending. Nice work. 
great! too bad she bats for the other team.. 
Niiiiiice! Very Niiiice! 
Very nicely done, a good con to be sure. 
Great twist, Nicely ececuted . well done. 
Nicely executed. Actresses are just good. Maxime "The Break of the century" 
Thanks for your comment, also well done. 
great colors, beautiful women and great ending. i immediately went to to check it out, but you have to be a member... 
haha thats cool. It's just a fake website I put together in case we wanted to have something appear on the screen in the final shots! I'll put up a website just about this film as soon as I have time. So sorry Rodrigo, no membership... ;-) 
Great story, great job! My only critique---lessen the special effects of the emanating light from the antagonist, one time was enough. 
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Evening Gala-Ricardo
Evening Gala
Directed By Ricardo

3.59 min 12
Red Huntress-Kristjan
Red Huntress
Directed By Kristjan

3.01 min 10
Goodbye, Vincent.-Nicholas
Goodbye, Vincent.
Directed By Nicholas

3.00 min 3
Let's Con Filmaka!-Dustin
Let's Con Filmaka!
Directed By Dustin

2.78 min 10
Hole In One-Craig
Hole In One
Directed By Craig

2.48 min 6
Sábado No Parque-Sálua
Sábado No Parque
Directed By Sálua

2.99 min 1
Displaced Ep.1 Anima-Nate
Displaced Ep.1 Anima
Directed By Nate

2.98 min 0
Its My Game-V-BRANG
Its My Game
Directed By V-BRANG

2.66 min 0
The Scam-Peter
The Scam
Directed By Peter

3.00 min 4
Directed By Dawn

1.76 min 5
The Morning Shuffle-Darren
The Morning Shuffle
Directed By Darren

3.37 min 1
Still Waiting-Christian
Still Waiting
Directed By Christian

3.17 min 10
Line Of Work-Joel
Line Of Work
Directed By Joel

2.97 min 3
Directed By Pedro

3.79 min 3
Directed By Andres

3.16 min 1
Sho (Stealing Human -Ozgur
Sho (Stealing Human
Directed By Ozgur

2.58 min 4
My Mate Dave-Jonathan
My Mate Dave
Directed By Jonathan

1.05 min 5
The Pro-Dominik
The Pro
Directed By Dominik

2.88 min 6
Frankie' Jewels-Andreas
Frankie' Jewels
Directed By Andreas

2.13 min 6
Directed By Daniel

2.44 min 4
Directed By Enrique

3.96 min 3
River Redemption-Robert
River Redemption
Directed By Robert

3.00 min 1
Love Story-Pedro
Love Story
Directed By Pedro

3.17 min 4
Count Lustig-Felipe
Count Lustig
Directed By Felipe

3.09 min 11
Yes We Con !-Greg
Yes We Con !
Directed By Greg

3.06 min 3
Directed By Walter

3.16 min 2
Unduniable Proof-Joseph
Unduniable Proof
Directed By Joseph

2.53 min 2
Directed By Pedro

4.60 min 1
Rodeo Clown-Paul
Rodeo Clown
Directed By Paul

3.09 min 8
Run Me Over-Philippe
Run Me Over
Directed By Philippe

2.50 min 1
Argent Facile / Easy-Pierre
Argent Facile / Easy
Directed By Pierre

2.88 min 1
Pretense Confused-Gregory
Pretense Confused
Directed By Gregory

3.00 min 4
Hard-Wired Part 1-Peter
Hard-Wired Part 1
Directed By Peter

3.33 min 6
Directed By Pedro

3.40 min 2
Hardly Working-Kyle
Hardly Working
Directed By Kyle

3.02 min 8
The Break Of The Cen-Maxime
The Break Of The Cen
Directed By Maxime

3.37 min 2
Directed By Mark

3.17 min 3
Directed By Brian

3.00 min 7
A Game-Vitor
A Game
Directed By Vitor

1.73 min 0
Pinch, Pitch, Bitch -Robin
Pinch, Pitch, Bitch
Directed By Robin

3.00 min 6
The Granite Bucksaw-Jason
The Granite Bucksaw
Directed By Jason

3.00 min 1
In The Bag-Jim
In The Bag
Directed By Jim

2.74 min 2
Directed By Austin

3.27 min 4
Where's My Saltfish?-Yasunari
Where's My Saltfish?
Directed By Yasunari

3.01 min 3
White Lies-Michael
White Lies
Directed By Michael

2.96 min 5
A Surprise-Jaishankar
A Surprise
Directed By Jaishankar

2.67 min 10
Kiss Me-christian
Kiss Me
Directed By christian

3.00 min 5
Ella Guru-Mark
Ella Guru
Directed By Mark

3.44 min 1
9 Out Of 10-Solomon
9 Out Of 10
Directed By Solomon

2.00 min 7
The Baron-Sam
The Baron
Directed By Sam

2.25 min 4
Double Blind-Richard
Double Blind
Directed By Richard

2.01 min 0
The Hard Man-Kristian
The Hard Man
Directed By Kristian

2.83 min 5
The Ride
Directed By GILLIAN

2.95 min 11
The Card Hustle-P.
The Card Hustle
Directed By P.

2.29 min 0
The Con And The Scam-Joseph
The Con And The Scam
Directed By Joseph

1.43 min 3
The Con-Blake
The Con
Directed By Blake

3.97 min 1
Cover Blown-Jordan
Cover Blown
Directed By Jordan

3.30 min 1
The Master Salesman-Fernando
The Master Salesman
Directed By Fernando

2.45 min 0
En Passant-Adam
En Passant
Directed By Adam

3.27 min 11
One Moment-Steven
One Moment
Directed By Steven

3.00 min 6
50 Bucks-Nikolas
50 Bucks
Directed By Nikolas

2.99 min 10
Directed By Kevin

3.12 min 3
...In The Meanwhile-Sharon
...In The Meanwhile
Directed By Sharon

3.00 min 4
The Raw Deal-Matthew
The Raw Deal
Directed By Matthew

1.40 min 12
The Matchmaker-JP
The Matchmaker
Directed By JP

3.25 min 3
The Two Dollar Game-Tinna
The Two Dollar Game
Directed By Tinna

3.38 min 2
The Highwayman-Roman,
The Highwayman
Directed By Roman,

2.04 min 11
Let's Con Filmaka!!!-Daniel
Let's Con Filmaka!!!
Directed By Daniel

2.56 min 4
The Manipulator-Kyle
The Manipulator
Directed By Kyle

3.25 min 1
Nomen Nescio-Kristjan
Nomen Nescio
Directed By Kristjan

3.20 min 2
Hard-Wired Part 2-Peter
Hard-Wired Part 2
Directed By Peter

3.33 min 0
The King Of Spades-Ricardo
The King Of Spades
Directed By Ricardo

3.58 min 0
Directed By Pedro

3.50 min 3
Sweet Heart Escape G-Paul
Sweet Heart Escape G
Directed By Paul

3.08 min 5
The Good Book-Solomon
The Good Book
Directed By Solomon

3.00 min 0
Directed By Christian

3.52 min 1
Special Delivery-Sam
Special Delivery
Directed By Sam

3.14 min 1
Fool's Game-Felipe
Fool's Game
Directed By Felipe

3.33 min 0
Directed By Nicholas

2.62 min 4