The Ultimate Resolution

Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :01-12-2009, Uploaded By : AJ
Directed By :  AJ Stribling, Student,,
Shot On: Canon HDV, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Crawfordsville ,IN , United States   Views: 2024
Inspiration: Having lost many close friends and fellow students.

Aww that's sad. Why did his girlfriend kill herself? I made a "party" movie about suicide too. Check it out. "Final Dance." Thanks. 
AJ why did she kill her self? What happened to her? This was a sad film but your editing was good, good job man. 
The reason in the film is left up to thought. There have been people I have known and people close to me that have committed suicide. 
yeah I agree...very sad but very well edited and directed...very strong... and the girl is really cute, what a shame she commit suicide! come watch our's a bit funnier! "chair on the ceiling"! 
AJ- I think it's extremely difficult to tackle such a heavy subject as suicide in a short film. Perhaps 20-30 minutes is the minimum amount of time that allows an audience to invest in a character and be truly moved when they decide to end it all. Because of the constricting time limit of 3 minutes, I'd have to strongly disagree with Brian, Izzy, and Raph and Theo. I do not find this sad--rather the main character comes off as sulky and over-dramatic. This has no bearing on your technique or ability as a filmmaker--but rather I feel the subject matter may be impossible to do justice to given the time limit. 
After some discussion with my roommate---I'm not sure you can put a time limit on the minimum amount of time allowing one to feel for a person on the verge of suicide. I suppose if a photograph can do it, so could a short film. 
very nice! great acting, editing, music! i was hooked! 
this had everything... great stuff 
the Sam Fuller comment, I think in this case, one can feel sympathy for someone that commits suicide even if we don't know anything about the person because suicide is a universal thing, and everyone has at one point at least thought about what it is and what would happen, so we can relate to someone when they kill them selves, we can understand that there was clearly pain and distress there, and living was not an option in their mind. At least, that's what I think, sure if you develop the character, then the sympathy would be much greater on verge of tears I guess, but there still is some emotion here. 
This is really great, simple, universal. Love your film very much. The best quality of your film is to be understandable by everyone in the world. I invite to check my film which has similar story. Max. 'Magnets and Miracles' 
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