Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :04-05-2009, Uploaded By : Pedro
Directed By :  Pedro Cohen, Director, Actor,,
Shot On: MiniDv, Edited On: Avid Xpress,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.49 mins
Madrid ,Madrid , Spain   Views: 6840
Inspiration: A police is tracking a serial killer

pedro: i really liked the look of your film and the feeling of the piece. you create a good, tense atmosphere and i'm not sure which actor you were but both were intense and well-suited to their roles. i feel like i've seen a lot of this kind of thing before but you did it very well. a strong, involving film! nl {Jury Member}
Hmmmm... It's a bit longer than 3 minutes, even before the credits started while the plot was still going. 
Good work Pedro. Congratulations!!  
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