Andes The Hidden Truth

Contest Name :08 Nov-December Documentary, Submission Date :12-01-2008, Uploaded By : Paulo
Directed By :  Paulo Azenha, filmmaker,,
Shot On: South America, Edited On: Avid,  Crew Members: 5  Duration:
Stockholm ,Sweden , Sweden   Views: 2808
Inspiration: This is the story of Valicha, a girl who could be any child in the world, though with some particular characteristics and even substantial differences. She lives in a continent rich in resources but very poor in human development. With the story of Valicha, we delve into an ignored or forgotten reality, which is the social disintegration of native children in South America. Valicha comes from a Quechua speaking Andean community. When she arrives at the city, she is mistreated by prejudiced and ignorant people who reject her for her noticeable social and cultural differences, her language and naivety and for the habits she has acquired in the social group from which she originates. Every day, Valicha is exposed to the most horrific dangers, without being able to benefit from the protection that many organisations offer defenceless children. Much to the contrary, she a victim of the city which fights daily to safeguard its citizens from the vices that tourism brings with it.

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