Diary Of A Jerk : Fresh Start

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-22-2009, Uploaded By : Maxime
Directed By :  Maxime Pourbaix, Student,,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.95 mins
Lille ,None , France   Views: 1517
Inspiration: I did this picture on this only free day I had this month. This is not inspired on my own life, this is my own life

I liked that it really got me in the world it portrays. 
You know as I watch Diary..., I kept on saying- how I like this style. Some of you scenes jump off the monitor. Has power. And sound eng. and mixing is crisp and close to perfect. This has potential to go places. And excellent choice with the color of the subtitles. Lastly, at times the acting is aggressively poetic. In a cool way, that is. Full of timely surprises. 
Salut Maxime. Je me sent comme toi depuis au moins 8 ans. Honnêtement, je trouve que les femmes nous trouvent trop étrange pour une relation stable, ou quelque chose nous arrive pour que la vie nous détourne ou déborde. Quand je dois prendre un temps de relais, les personnes que je connaissait --soit famille, ami(e) ou ancien collègue--ont fait un change radicale avec leur vie. Bien, radical de mon poins de vue. Heureusement qu'on puise leur montrer comment que la vie fonctionne vraiment. Bonne tournée. 
Max "Diary of a Jerk" is good marketing to get u more votes maybe? it can be seen all over other user comments on their filmakers' entries.  
Dear Chong, you're absolutely right. As I say in my film, I'm a jerk and a psycho and I would kill everyone just to have it. 
ah the French! I found it quite funny. Nice comedic timing. Never stop jerking! 
interestin narrative style, the concept is very daring with the hints of black comedy and the cinisism that would make any bukowsky´s fan simle. congratulations man.  
Straight to the top of my shortlist. It's great to see a really honest film. 
nice work 
I thought that it was supposed to be 3 minutes or less, not 4 minutes. 
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