Contest Name :09 Jan-Feb-March Documentary, Submission Date :03-11-2009, Uploaded By : X
Directed By :  J.M. Harper, Filmmaker,,
   Crew Members: 0  Duration:
Princeton ,NJ , United States   Views: 3470
Inspiration: Murderer. Musician. Legend. A short form tribute to the most stunning American folk blues musician in modern history.

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Directed By %u66F9%u78CA
2.91 min 2
Kar Sawaal-Abhijit
Kar Sawaal
Directed By Abhijit
3.40 min 2
Man Versus Nature-Abhijit
Man Versus Nature
Directed By Abhijit
2.97 min 17
Blind Faith-Andy
Blind Faith
Directed By Andy
United Kingdom
3.00 min 2
The Real Slumdogs -bharat
The Real Slumdogs
Directed By bharat
3.51 min 2
Coming Of The Son Of-Brad
Coming Of The Son Of
Directed By Brad
United States
2.95 min 3
Lockie And Love-Dimi
Lockie And Love
Directed By Dimi
New Zealand
4.13 min 2
1st Place winner
Streets Of Gold-Gregg
Streets Of Gold
Directed By Gregg
South Africa
2.83 min 4
The Underside Of Hor-Igor
The Underside Of Hor
Directed By Igor
2.05 min 2
Seasons Around The M-Igor
Seasons Around The M
Directed By Igor
1.17 min 3
War Theater & Animal-Igor
War Theater & Animal
Directed By Igor
2.99 min 3
Race To The North-Igor
Race To The North
Directed By Igor
2.89 min 2
Directed By J.M.
United States
2.93 min 2
1st Place winner
For Example You're A-Jacob
For Example You're A
Directed By Jacob
2.34 min 4
Directed By Kang
1.58 min 2
Sunday Lunch-Liz
Sunday Lunch
Directed By Liz
United Kingdom
2.96 min 1
Nalanda University R-manoj
Nalanda University R
Directed By manoj
1.72 min 2
Mahabodhi Temple-manoj
Mahabodhi Temple
Directed By manoj
1.62 min 2
Fluorescent Light - -Mark
Fluorescent Light -
Directed By Mark
3.22 min 1
Illegal Immigrant-Markus
Illegal Immigrant
Directed By Markus
United States
2.98 min 2
1 Day In Madrid-Mirek
1 Day In Madrid
Directed By Mirek
4.42 min 0
Finding Passion-Pete
Finding Passion
Directed By Pete
United States
3.00 min 2
Directed By phillip
United States
4.31 min 0
Once My Village-Pranab
Once My Village
Directed By Pranab
2.40 min 5
Another Day, Another-Rashid
Another Day, Another
Directed By Rashid
United Kingdom
4.46 min 2
Sisyphean Search-Remigiusz
Sisyphean Search
Directed By Remigiusz
United Kingdom
2.83 min 2
A Hope-Rock
A Hope
Directed By Rock
United States
2.97 min 2
Dollcumentary -Shelby
Directed By Shelby
United States
3.49 min 2
Chinese Dream-Tianli
Chinese Dream
Directed By Tianli
United States
3.00 min 2
Singing In Beijing-Victor
Singing In Beijing
Directed By Victor
3.00 min 11
Virgin Births -Yu
Virgin Births
Directed By Yu
United Kingdom
2.75 min 0