The Life of a Pro Gamer

Contest Name :09 May Documentary, Submission Date :05-15-2009, Uploaded By : Johnny
Directed By :  Johnny C, student,,
Shot On: DVD and DV tape, Edited On: Ulead Videostudio 10,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 4.98 mins
kent ,wa , United States   Views: 805
Inspiration: Documentary about my friend Nick, who is a pro at Halo.

good subect poorly executed and edited, such an american bad joke 
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The Black Gay Priest-Andy
The Black Gay Priest
Directed By Andy

2.98 min 0
Flying BangBang-Shu
Flying BangBang
Directed By Shu

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Directed By zhang

2.74 min 0
The Life of a Pro Ga-Johnny
The Life of a Pro Ga
Directed By Johnny

4.98 min 1
Two Cities, One Week-Carmen
Two Cities, One Week
Directed By Carmen

3.67 min 0
Directed By Sebastian

2.50 min 2
100 forged money-hanmeng
100 forged money
Directed By hanmeng

2.98 min 2
Directed By Carmen

3.67 min 0
The Virus in Mexico-SALOMON
The Virus in Mexico
Directed By SALOMON

3.23 min 0
Directed By I.DOL

0.50 min 0
No bicycle parking-Raphael
No bicycle parking
Directed By Raphael

2.58 min 0
Tami and Tara A Love-Sharon
Tami and Tara A Love
Directed By Sharon

2.98 min 0
Surfings inner journ-mark
Surfings inner journ
Directed By mark

3.17 min 0
Job Market discrimin-DeGerald
Job Market discrimin
Directed By DeGerald

3.65 min 0
Navajo Weaving-Doug
Navajo Weaving
Directed By Doug

1.82 min 0
Through the eyes of -Yesika
Through the eyes of
Directed By Yesika

2.90 min 0
Shapawng Yawang Mana-Dibya
Shapawng Yawang Mana
Directed By Dibya

4.67 min 0