Plastic Love

Contest Name :Smoke & Mirrors, Submission Date :06-21-2009, Uploaded By : Claire Leona
Directed By :  Claire Leona Apps, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Sony V1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
London ,England , United Kingdom   Views: 1179
Inspiration: Samuel and Katalina demonstrate the illusions of beauty. dog eared films:

This is one of the best shorts I've seen on Filmaka. Hilariously hyperbolic dialogue, good camera work, and a perfect ending. 
Crazy stuff. 'I am not so innocent as to not be impressed by the shape beneath your trousers' - hillarious.  
This is great. Very nicely done with good sense of humour and a lot of sensitivity. Got my vote. Please check out my film "together again" and let me know what you think. 
All I can say is WOW! I originally wanted to do a stop motion animation with my dolls, but life got busy... Then complicated. I am so jealous! Excellent job as well as hilarious! You are short listed! lee~ 'Backwards In Time'...  
I loved the ENDING. And the theme is great,. Nothing is what it seems. Great Work! A lot of fun to watch. 
HA! Very nice! What did you shoot this on? It looks like you are using some 35mm lenses and you got some nice depth of field. Totally made the short list. 
Great stop motion piece! I loved the sense of humour and innocent score.  
Loved how you got this message across with such a bitter sweet tone and comic character movements/actions. shortlist! 
Stop motion is always amazing to see. But it's so real your short. So many people out there thinking something like that and playing mind tricks to themselves about looks and deception. It's a disease called dismorphia. Nice way to talk about it. Got my vote Please check my film "The Visit" 
Love the stop motion. Great writing. Great music. There's not much to complain about. Good luck on this one, you've got a great shot! 
awesome film!!!!!!!!please check out "BEE IN THE WEB" and let me know ur reviews!!!!!!! 
Very clever work. Great use of the theme, wonderful VO actors and a terrific style all around. Shortlisted for sure! I'd love your feedback if you get the chance - my short is Cry For Me Now. Great post credits ending, by the way!! 
I'm so glad I hung in there. It just wasn't for me until the jump and then...beautiful. Really nice. Great use of SFX.  
Love the stop motion. Tons of respect for doing the film in this style, it must have taken awhile to get done! Great job!  
Usually I'm not a huge fan of stop motion, but I loved this film - it's so original for this competition and quirky, it's definitley on my shortlist ! I loved the dialouge and just the general uniqueness. If you get a chance, please check out "No Pretences". 
Haaaaa. I did not see that coming. Awesome. 
How funny! 
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