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Contest Name :Smoke & Mirrors, Submission Date :06-22-2009, Uploaded By : Greg
Directed By :  Greg Karpinski, Director,,
Shot On: FX1, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.28 mins
London ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 722
Inspiration: Shot in a day in London. On that day we happened to have the most bizzare weather we've ever seen here - sun, snow, rain and beautiful rainbows.

Well done. Very nice visuals! Check out my 'Backwards In Time'. 
Very well shoting but I cant hear the sound because of my headphone I'm sure the music is as good as shoting. 
this is haunting... beautiful... 
The film did a good job of pulling me. I connected emotionally to the guy's plight. 
Nice. I loved the music by the way. The rainbow shot is superb. 
Rainbow shot was cinematic and beautiful. Sometimes the weather can work with you! 
perfect music...some beautiful shots 
You really got a nice beautifucl day going on there! And the music worked perfectly. 
Beautiful shots! How ever did you get the rainbow in your shot? Great scenery! Makes you think. 
Great camera shots. The music has a nice dreamy feel that really compliments the photography 
I liked your film. Very emotional. It made me think. Good Job Greg!! 
Wonderful timing on that shot with the rainbow! It really made the whole piece come together!  
Wow! Great film! It's very touching and emotional. The music is wwhat puts everything together and you have such an amazing shots. i loved particulary the one with the rainbow, although the handheld when you walk the streets of London is greatly done as well. Got my vote for sure. D 
Shot really well. That in combination with the music made it a moving little piece. And the last few shots are gorgeous of course. 
Argh! I can't get used to these comments things. Nice piece. It's resonates well supported by the camerawork and the wonderful music. I'd like to see how a change in the first 30 seconds could effect the rest of the piece. Your two opening shots, combined with the title add an extra dimension to the majority of the piece. But what could be done to make it really crazy? To give you a totally ridiculous example what if the opening line was 'I hate the priesthood."  
awesome film!!!!!!!!please check out "BEE IN THE WEB" and let me know ur reviews!!!!!!! 
there are really just some great shots here. Love the music, the rainbow I'm sold on. I really need to find a rainbow of the sorts. beautiful piece Jp 
Thank you for all the comments. Much appreciated. Wish me luck in the competition and vote for my film if you can. Thanks a lot.  
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