Borrowed Skin

Contest Name :Smoke & Mirrors, Submission Date :06-22-2009, Uploaded By : Jesse
Directed By :  Jesse Blanchard, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon A1, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 2.98 mins
Portland ,OR , United States   Views: 4618
Inspiration: M. Jacob has not been himself since the break-in. Worried about her father's strange behavior, his daughter hires a caregiver to keep and eye on him.

Nicely shot and well edited. I love the effects too. The story works well and is well acted. Great achievement. Please check out my film "together again" and let me know what you think. 
Excellent film! Original filming and editing! 
this is good... 
The credits are a cool effect. It was an disturbing piece. That finger thing was a good effect.  
Wicked film. Love the pace and creepy feel throughout. good stuff man! 
It was certainly original and disturbing, but not clear enough about why the dad needed a care taker as we never saw him acting strange until he did with his follower alien. Nicely done, but I wish things had been a bit clearer in the video rather than your description. lee~ 'Backwards In Time'...  
Lee, I think it's a matter of how you see the form. I knew that the film would live in this format. So, I'd rather use the entire space and the 3 minutes to tell a story. Plus, with a short film who needs a synopsis! And please don't give away surprises in the comments! But thanks for watching.  
I really REALLY enjoyed this one! Wow! Great job, Jesse. Nothing is what it seems. Excellent setting of mood, nice merging of FX. Excellent!  
There are some wonderfull shots here, especially the mirror one. The effects are also really good. How you told the story thru cameras and reflections also worked perfectly. In my shortlist for sure. Daniel Barosa - "Dusk in Limbo"  
Out of all the hats I wear, creating effects is the most enjoyable part of my projects. I must say, I enjoyed your film. Thank you for presenting it to us.  
Your cinematography is excellent. The shots with the mirror and th CCTV are amazing. Effects are really impressive and the story is one of my favorites of this competition. Perhaps the only thing I didn't love was the sound effect for the voices of the two of them. Kind of felt fishy, but everything else is amazing. Sure you get my vote. Shortlisted ASAP. Grat FX jobs and a great acting. You convinced me about the anxiety of this man in a second. Please check my film "The Visit" 
Clever shots... especially with the mirror. The style and way you portray the story keeps the film pumping. Nice job 
Wow, top grade stuff. Very interesting shots, love the credits! Shortlisted.  
awesome film!!!!!!!!please check out "BEE IN THE WEB" and let me know ur reviews!!!!!!!cool concept:) 
i love this movie a lot......but im just curious to know that the title of the movie is "borrowed skin" but in the end credits it says "stolen skin"? 
Good catch Jai. The title went through a couple changes. I liked Borrowed Skin better but was afraid people would not catch the 'Smoke & Mirrors' tie-in about the two characters being total lies. So, I changed it to Stolen Skin just long enough to do the end credits. In the end, I decided to trust my audience and go with the better title but I had run out of time to reshoot the end. Plus, I was tired of mopping up goo. So, that's the whole story. Kind of boring but that's how it happened.  
Wow, brilliant film - I loved it. Straight onto my shortlist. I liked the cinematography and the slight weirdness of it, it was very original. This is one of my favourites in this competiton. If you get a chance, please check out "No Pretences" 
AMAZING!!! Your vision struck/strikes a nerve so effectively in such a short time frame. Being self-taught I can see that you are a natural talent and eventually will master your craft. I may have nightmares tonight... GOOD JOB! 
Great job and great special effects. 
Great short. 
Cool Stuff Jesse. This is the second time I've watched it! A lot of fun to watch!! 
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