The Volunteer

Contest Name :Smoke & Mirrors, Submission Date :06-23-2009, Uploaded By : Neil
Directed By :  Neil Costello, Jobless,,
Shot On: Canon HV30, Edited On: Sony Vegas,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.48 mins
Bend ,Or , United States   Views: 831
Inspiration: We shot this in 2 hours at the last second due to confusion about theme. Forgive the sound quality, no sound equipment used. Maybe $500 get me some?

That magician guy was creepy. Though I had to watch the end 3 times before I understood what had happened. There was also no payoff with the clown, so I am confused as to what he was doing there. But otherwise well done for battling against the clock. 
Thanks for giving it a fair chance, Chris. I learned the importance of story boarding in the wee hours, around 2:30am. My actors were under the gun as well so it got rushed through. The point was that he used landmarks like the clown to pin point locations in his head so he could port there. I saw it going better in my head. Thanks for the comments.  
Okay, that makes sense. Though I guess a somewhat difficult thing to clearly get across in the time constraints. I no oh to well of the diffidulties of making 3 minutes work. Oh yeah, good set design as well. 
Hey, 2 hours and still good stuff. I agree the sound could use some work, and I wish it was a bit longer. But I liked the main idea of the short.  
Thanks a lot, Daniel. I felt so embarrassed after watching everyone else's clips that I kinda wish I didn't post it. I put so much work into salvaging the clips because I almost didn't edit it after we got done shooting. I didn't think I got any decent shots at the time so your words are nice to hear. I was kinda wishing I'd get cut down so I could learn something, but not just about the obvious mistakes. Something more. 
Very nice visuals and well lit. I like your camera angles and acting so let's hope you get that $500 for sound as it would compliment the film well. Please check out my film "together again" and let me know what you think. 
I didn't do mine until the last minute either, due to not coming up with an idea, aa well as my blurry eye complications from eye drops... So, I'm kind of embarrassed about mine, too, but submitted it anyway. Yours is well shot, good sets and wardrobe and seems to be well acted. I didn't quite get the clown not the ending. lee~ 'Backwards In Time'...  
I meant 'nor' the ending ;-) 
Hey, glad you ended up posting this movie. It was a very cool premise and I'm very glad the story STARTED in that room and we had to piece together what was going on. I don't know how much it was intended, but when the magician suddenly appears, it's hella creepy. Sort of reminded me of a David Lynch creepy-figure-standing-perfectly-still moment. Anyway, cool movie in spite of the limitations. 
This film has some good moments. The magician does a good job and I like the creepy style... The sound isn't the best but that "boat rocking" effect adds in alot 
Thanks for the comments, Dan and Ryan. My older brother's names are Dan and Ryan. Crazy, right?  
Some cool moments in here, sound design would really ramp things up in this piece. Good work on the whole, if you have a chance please check out my short Tricky Health Care., thanks! 
awesome film!!!!!!!!please check out "BEE IN THE WEB" and let me know ur reviews!!!!!!!beautiful costumes!!!!awesome job!! 
I really liked it actually, I think it was really effective. Shortlisted. 
I agree with Sophie. Is really effective. Smoke and Mirrors really nicely executed. Yes, the sound is a problem but not that bad. Love her acting with this disbelief look on his face. And you go into a really bold statement that really works at the end: "There's no trick. It's magic" Congrats!! Please check my film THE VISIT 
Nice work Neil. I've read the other comments below and I'm glad you decided to submit this piece. I think it quite good. The sound was a little distracting. The end was a bit confusing to me, but it led me to create my own conclusions. Which I think is great! Best of luck!!  
Thanks a lot, Roy. I almost want to request that people watch it without the sound first, then watch it with the dialog. The more I see it, the less I hate it. Neil 
I've had trouble watching a couple movies. I refresh but nothings there. 
nice photography, spooky but you really need to fix that soundtrack man! 
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