Song of the Waves

Contest Name :09 June-July Documentary, Submission Date :07-03-2009, Uploaded By : Abhijit
Directed By :  Abhijit Ghosh, Student,,
Shot On: Sony PD170, Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Pandaveswar ,West Bengal , India   Views: 1467
Inspiration: The film is a document of the traditional folk songs of Bengal, India. The film shows the beauty of the riverine Bengal and excellent photography

thanks avijit i am just a new film maker. thanks for your advice. Your film is awesome. 
I'm always intrigued by traditional music, especially when it is centered around a specific location or occupation. It can reveal more about a culture than interviews ever could. Well done. 
enjoyed it, beautiful images! 
I really liked it, Abhijit :-) Very nice images accompanied by traditional folk music! 
Very interesting to look at another part of the world. My favorite part of this is the two boats far of the coast traveling together riding the waves. Beautiful!! 
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Song of the Waves-Abhijit
Song of the Waves
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3.00 min 5
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