An Undisclosed Undertaking

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :07-28-2009, Uploaded By : Jon
Directed By :  Jon Lucas, student,,
Shot On: Panasonic camcorder, Edited On: Final Cut Studio,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.35 mins
Baldwin ,Ontario , Canada   Views: 842
Inspiration: "A suitcase, a locker, a seemingly simple task. But a $5000 paycheque? That's what has me worried..."

Wonderful location, nicely shot, perfect score and a great payoff. Fantastic work. 
In the Shortlist!! :p 
I liked your shots and overall the editing was very tight. The music effectively built on the suspense of the action. Also, good punchline. I felt that the first gunmen moved a little lethargically, rather than ominously slow and deliberate. Also, I'm a little unclear as to why the first gunmen is called off. Overall, very good job. 
haha oh yes, and what a bad shot he is. The notoriously bad aim of bad guys with bad guns in movies! The first gunman call-off was left a bit ambiguous yes.. the idea was that: if the first gunman kills the target in the stall, then the second gun-(wo)man remains locked inside her..trap. Was it her calling him off via cell phone? Was she the "boss" or is she just an assassin that the first gunman's boss does NOT want to piss off (ie take contracts away from). Thanks for your review and support . And thanks to Marcio and Lee as well ! 
*by "the target" I mean our main character 
LOL! Didn't see that coming. Now HOW did she get into his locker? It was a combination lock ;-) 
She's a damn good assassin I guess! Actually it's funny, on the day of the shoot we had to take out the shelves inside the locker to fit Steph inside. The way everything was screwed together though, we had to be careful not to take down the adjoining left and right walls that separate the lockers from each other because they were flimsy and EASILY brought down. So hey, maybe that's how the assassin got inside, - went in through the locker beside the locked one and took down the dividing wall. Maybe she picked the lock (easily done on a combo lock) and had someone lock her inside. This of course, is all just speculation ;-> 
Jon, cool film. like the ending. so what was in the bag? :) 
What IS in the bag? Something worth enough to be a danger to the courier. Something more desirable than the suitcase from Pulp Fiction and the suitcase from Kiss Me Deadly PUT TOGETHER (and just as mysterious) . 
love the pay off, had me moving with the film. good editing and pacing with on point. very well done. check out my film Portrait of a woman with your honest opinion please. 
nice film...loved the gunshots and the sound effects.....very cool...the ending was nice....- jai nat ("The footprints") 
Good ending. The shooter action was to slow. Great score. (Taken Souls) 
nice location... also use of vfx in gun shot was good ..and female actress was very expressive 
cool..never trust women ha ha 
Cool premise and cool movie overall. Liked the narrator's calm voice. 
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