A Beautiful Day

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-02-2009, Uploaded By : Shannon
Directed By :  Shannon Solis, Unemployed Janitor,,
Shot On: Canon XHA1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.00 mins
Austin ,TX , United States   Views: 1696
Inspiration: A man attempts to communicate with his mother on the other side. + Appreciate the people you love while they're still alive.

Soooo good! I loved the ending. Shot beautifully! 
Thank you. 
..and a beautiful film! Nice concept, cinematography, music and an emotive performance. Vanilla Sky meets Six Feet Under, what better combination?! 
nice images, focus shifts work well 
Some absolutely stunning images there. Damn good work. 
This was very imaginative and well done! Loved the ending! 
an awesome film!!loved the old gentleman....nice acting....great shots and a beautiful and touching story....all the best. jai nat ("the footprints") 
Great cinematography, especially the super-slow dolly-in on the old man. I really liked the concept, too. 
I really liked the opening! Shot very well, good job.  
Good acting, good shots, good idea. Well done! Best 
GREAT short film. Gorgeous shots and great atmosphere with the music and slow-paced dialogue. Any Philip K. Dick influence on the premise? Very well executed and good performance by your male lead. Among the top of my favorite films I've seen thus far. 
great images man, and very strong narrative. Very well done, one of the best indeed. 
Great work. I really like the concept. Love the cinematography of the first sequence. 
Yes! Glad to see this great film! Such fantastic narration and acting. Bravo. 
my vote is yours... that's m speech less 
Unexpected ending, good acting, narrative cinematography and music. Bottom Line, Shortlisted. 
Feeling of regret came to me and I followed it as it developed. And then I so that unexpected ending as other people say. I was a bit disappointed by thought of that other side industry, but okay, it is a way to interrupt loss of feelings or to point out human delusions with moving pictures. Than, at the end, I missed his loneliness to be seen, because that was his actual understanding and your message, I suppose. I am suggesting that you give us one or two more shots, each a bit wider to achieve stronger feeling at the end. We have to push everything to maximum, otherwise we will stay average. Thank you for a very beautiful and simple movie and a chance to share my comment to you. 
Thanks for the votes! 
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