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Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-04-2009, Uploaded By : V-
Directed By :  vikas tiwari, STUDENT,,
Shot On: canonHS11, Edited On: primier,  Crew Members: 10  Duration: 3.33 mins
mumbai ,maharashtra , India   Views: 772
Inspiration: two sides of our personality....if bad dominates more is the solution

Good! Very well done visuals! 
thank you lee 
awesome man ,,hats off. Its a very unique concept and the way you have shown it is very different. Not many people attempt the animation in their films. I love your composting work , the editing is flawless and the lighting stands off. overall a very decent attempt and you have succeeded to combine all aspects of film making in 3 minutes, Bravo... keep it up  
BRAVO ....... its a very unique concept and a very unimaginable one ... the screenplay was splendid, have to say excellent cinematography , the blend of the animation and editing makes the movie remarkable and not to forget the actors who have anticipated with the animation real well, which is the most difficult part of such movies To put such a concept in such a small time frame is a work of a genius. Way to go Guys .... keep up the good work .  
Simply Fantastic... I loved the concept of having a virtual world officer check... Thumps up to the team for compiling the video in the stipulated time frame... All together this flick seems to have all the elements (story, cinematography, lighting, animation) for it to be watched and learnt from. Good on you guys... 
excellent work, i liked the storyline, and a slight twist in the end, you dint tried to make it complicated. the best thing is the animation was not forcefully done,the story demands for it, the film is technically good. 
on which software did you do the animation and editing and composting, its really good, the film has a Gothic appeal to it. Nice work i liked the concept and the direction is awesome, to combine such a concept in short film is a challenging job for the director, thumbs up to ur crew.  
a great concept....awesome effects....was hard to understand what they were talking about....didnt quite understand the dialogues....the film went over 3 minutes....i think it was 3 minutes and 18 seconds.....and ive heard the soundtrack in an english film but it was beautifully used which made the film more all a good concept, nice lighting, great effects and good direction.....all the best......jai nat ("the footprints") 
the dialogues could have been more clearer....did u opt for live sound or went for dubbing? 
loved the "MATRIX" story/effect. 
good stuff vikas bhai! great fx! best of luck! 
thanks rohit and ill give my regards to the entire team.. 
hii addy yes it was difficult to compile story animation vfx n concept in this frame...but thanks to my team they helped me a lot 
peter and robyn thank you so much ill give my regards to my team 
hii steve i did animation on MAYA 9, VFX on After effects, Editing on Avid 
thanks JAI film is of 3 mins 18 sec is for titling and end credits,,we always get 20 sec extra for credits 
thanks a lot jai once again for comparing it to hollywod flixs..but no way we are in position to get compared to gods in film making...still very great full to you for appreciating efforts...ill giv my regards to my team 
thank you Anshul ,,,thanks a lot 
really liked the concept, the idea of transfer of energy/negative energy? the effects were good. great work!  
thanks a lot Nathan  
very nice flow with the animation. I liked this it was very engaging and unique. you've got my vote! check out my film Portrait of a woman with your honest opinion please!!! 
Very nice on all accounts. I really liked the lighting in the virtual world. 
thanks J Pinder !! thanks a lot ill give my regards to my animation and Vfx team... 
wats tht noise man...???????? 
watever that noise is dat goes along wid d virtual if many inquiries n auditions r going on....apart from dat i like d communication between d positive n negative..d way d argued..!!....good animation n vfx!  
thank you Stephen ...for your appreciation ..on lighting of virtual world that goes to my cinematographer.....thanks a lot Stephen ill give my regards to him 
ya exactly..there are many cubical s as we have shown and several test and examination are held at the same time!! 
thanks a lot priyanka... for appreciating double role shot show positive and negative we decided to composite two shot..and faced many difficulties combining them...specially when they argue...thanks a lot priyanka...for your regards 
Really good movie Vikas. very efficiently u put positive and negative aspects in a 3 minute short film.Animation was good specially virtual world..keep it up. All the Best!! 
very cool! 
thanks a lot kirti ...thank you so much, ill give my regards to my entire team... thanks to Rohit and Ravi.. 
thanks a lot Alfredo... for your appreciation 
Very artistic, dialogue was hard to understand in some parts.Excelent work. (TAKEN SOULS) 
Hey there V-BRANG, to be honest I liked the VFX, however the photography was not that good, I felt it was a bit lazy, and the aspect ratio was a bit distracting, it is not bad, its just my observation, still, it was interesting :D. Good Luck! 
thanks a lot jardiel ...for appreciating ...yaa dialogs went low at the start but ... yes thanks for appreciating vfx work goes to my team  
hey marcio thanks a lot ...for appreciation and honest opinion brother ill take care of photography next time ... but ill take this on me and not on my cinematographer actually i restricted him in few shots and the reason was VFX as for the ratio its 16:9 .... thanks once again brother 
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