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Contest Name :09 July-August Documentary, Submission Date :08-20-2009, Uploaded By : Shannon
Directed By :  Shannon Solis, Unemployed Janitor,,
Shot On: Canon XL1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.10 mins
Austin ,TX , United States   Views: 372
Inspiration: A 14 year old black girl in this community was tried as an adult for a simple assault and given 50 years in prison. That's only the tip of the iceberg

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Ladies of Samoa-Belle
Ladies of Samoa
Directed By Belle

2.98 min
Bimini Challenge-Kendra
Bimini Challenge
Directed By Kendra

2.57 min
Yes we can power of -Andrew
Yes we can power of
Directed By Andrew

3.00 min
Willing To Follow-T.H.
Willing To Follow
Directed By T.H.

3.00 min
Super Ghosts 'n ... -Joey
Super Ghosts 'n ...
Directed By Joey

3.33 min
West Love II-Frankie
West Love II
Directed By Frankie

3.33 min
Reflections of the o-Algis
Reflections of the o
Directed By Algis

0.50 min
Prawn Culture-Abhijit
Prawn Culture
Directed By Abhijit

2.90 min
Simons Chronicles-Brian
Simons Chronicles
Directed By Brian

2.95 min
Build a Bridge-Chen
Build a Bridge
Directed By Chen

3.05 min
Rabha: An Endangered-Raja
Rabha: An Endangered
Directed By Raja

2.93 min
Fear Of The Dark-Arpan
Fear Of The Dark
Directed By Arpan

3.33 min
Vocational Education-Mr.Sachin
Vocational Education
Directed By Mr.Sachin

3.33 min
financial crisis v/s-shihab
financial crisis v/s
Directed By shihab

3.33 min
Man,Freedom & God(DV-Robin
Man,Freedom & God(DV
Directed By Robin

2.88 min
Directed By Pradnya

2.08 min
Fixing Mother Earth-Jack
Fixing Mother Earth
Directed By Jack

2.50 min
Directed By Shihab

3.23 min
Dead Skins-Damien
Dead Skins
Directed By Damien

3.28 min
Toi La Ha Noi (Short-Steven
Toi La Ha Noi (Short
Directed By Steven

3.00 min
Silent Expressions-Sandeep
Silent Expressions
Directed By Sandeep

1.03 min
Directed By Josh

1.47 min
Reversing Autism Nat-Lynne
Reversing Autism Nat
Directed By Lynne

2.17 min
cross the road-Lucas
cross the road
Directed By Lucas

1.68 min
Brad Kay An Unurban -Varda
Brad Kay An Unurban
Directed By Varda

3.27 min
Live Like A Legend-Sandeep
Live Like A Legend
Directed By Sandeep

3.33 min
63rd Independence Ce-Antalina
63rd Independence Ce
Directed By Antalina

3.33 min
Welcome to Edna-Shannon
Welcome to Edna
Directed By Shannon

3.10 min
Wanderlust Festival-Isaac
Wanderlust Festival
Directed By Isaac

2.02 min
Renaissance Of Soul-Harsh
Renaissance Of Soul
Directed By Harsh

3.33 min
Dancing Through The -Ebony
Dancing Through The
Directed By Ebony

3.33 min
The prejudice-Sriram
The prejudice
Directed By Sriram

3.33 min
I am Thou-Andy
I am Thou
Directed By Andy

3.02 min
Byron mystery lights-mark
Byron mystery lights
Directed By mark

3.07 min
the Gospel of Mark-Larry
the Gospel of Mark
Directed By Larry

3.18 min
Why I run-Joe
Why I run
Directed By Joe

2.25 min
The Youth Are Gettin-Rhys
The Youth Are Gettin
Directed By Rhys

1.52 min
Cursed Places-Luis
Cursed Places
Directed By Luis

3.00 min
The Ranch-Jesse
The Ranch
Directed By Jesse

3.02 min
LIFE TEATER, Who is -Igor
Directed By Igor

1.85 min