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Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-19-2009, Uploaded By : V-
Directed By :  V-Brang, STUDENT,,
Shot On: canon hs 11, Edited On: primier,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.33 mins
mumbai ,maharashtra , India   Views: 896
Inspiration: truth,...Fact

I loved it! Great film! Truth is the best subject. 
i was moved to tears,,,,old age becomes so full of loneliness...... Great work, it went right through my heart. without any dialogues , your film spoke so much. great direction and music  
awesome film dude! pls gimme ur feedback on my film. very touching film u made..... 
Simple and powerfull... shortlisted. Please give your feedback on my film '4*60 seconds'. 
Very, very touching and sad! Too many forget the aged and lonely, but that's just the way it is. They have their own lives to live, too. Good work, simple and real. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
A very moving piece. Great casting of the elderly woman. Her face speaks volumes. Great Job. 
A really touch film. I like the story!!! 
Sorry for mistakenly posting comments without any matter. It was really great piece of work in all respect. I was especially touched with the depth of the concept presented so simply and so logically. Great direction. Reflection through the image inside the clock and the smile of the elderly at the time of her child's happy movement, reflecting her happiness intutively, speaks volume of good direction. Great work dude 
Powerful, great and a very touching your work....  
Very good point, remember the weakest or just old people? Didi that old people brought you some good or the world will co laps because of all of us? But, it is just a film and it is a good one, thank you. Good luck! 
thank you so much guys !! but credit goes to my aunt, jiju, sister, brother they helped me a lot...  
nice story i liked the emotions of th movie 
Elderly woman does a great job, she transmit emotions. 
V-Brang - amazing job you guys... great great concept... very well executed... I guess that's Vikas's grand mom - she must have enjoyed working with her grandson... taaliyan ki bauchhaar... 
very good short.....sileance says a lot...................keep it up guys........... 
thank you ajayji and thanks to anshul, jardiel , gaurang 
sweet sweet sweet sweet .....applause de raha hoon main !!! good job !! loved it throughout  
Watchin the movie was like watchin water in a well...simple yet so deep...Aunt's intense emotions is the soul of the the end I had a lump in my throat...great direction to stir the emotions in a matter of 3 mins...Excellent Work!!! 
A well directed movie .......... a nice theme ......... and a great acting by old aunty.... really liked the movie..... was touched ........ All d best :) 
A very touchy film..I thought tht man was running to meet old lady but then ur movie took a turn...a great concept delievered so simply are Genius!!!! 
Now that is what I call visual storytelling. No need for a single line of dialogue. Way to command emotion and elicit empathy for the old woman. Combined with a nice plot twist and I think you have yourself a winner. ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
Real strong, real touching, wonderful acting, heartbreaking ending. Lovely images. Great editing and music. I'm using lots of adjectives here -- but you really do have a strong piece on your hands. The only little tiny thing that I personally didn't need to see, is the writing at the end -- it does not need to be explained that everybody needs love, as the visual story does such an exceptional job of showing it. 
This is a great piece, well done! 
Sir! awsome though simple story! thumsup!! my single vote goes to u only!  
Very touching story. Thanks for the inspirational thoughts on my short film. 
The circle of this life..beautiful imagery, well done. 
your film is very touchy, shortlisted... 
that was so sad. Her quiet wait behind the counter is heart wrenching. Really beautiful story-telling.  
Very well handled. Wonderful acting.  
hey, well done! i thought the images and the color/feeling of the whole film was great. real touching story, with sad twist i felt. didnt feel it needed the words at the end cause you told your story so well in pictures - and with no dialogue! bravo! 
Very nice. Interesting plot twist. Auntie was great but the couple was a bit fake. 
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