A Relationship in 3 Minutes

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-22-2009, Uploaded By : Dan
Directed By :  Dan Wainio, Student,,
   Crew Members: 0  Duration: 3.18 mins
Painesville ,Ohio , United States   Views: 3969
Inspiration: An entire course of a relationship is acted out in exactly three minutes.

Great. Simple. I wish 3 minutes could sum up a lot of things. 
awesome film dude! pls gimme ur feedback on my film. 
Wonderful acting and a great short! 
This is fantastic! I laughed my pants off! Great acting too! 
Great. Don't need his line about wishing the relationship was 3 minutes instead of 3 years. But all good.  
Thought the actress did a really good job, and good job on the film. Got my vote.  
Totally well acted, shot and edited but it did get me a bit confused as the dialogue was spoken so fast ;-) I kept forgetting that they had just met. Had to watch the beginning again to make sure. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
the same story for every couple.. its just so true and predictable.. that exactly happened with me...good short !!.. 
So very funny! And he sums it up so well with his final statement ... no wasted time in fast forward. Great execution of a terrific idea. 
I feel like you're narrating my life story man... really well done... loved your dialogues and actors... thanks for your cool comment on my short (303)... rock on! good bye... i mean... see you later! :) 
This is one of my favorites in the competition. The execution is what really impressed me. It is tight, funny, with good acting. You are an outstanding writer and this is an awesome film... congrats 
I appreciate a character driven stories. Of course plot plus character driven is next step. It is certainly interesting from beginning til end. Maybe it would work better with a few wider shots from above in forest with some sounds of birds singing. Good luck! 
This film gets you on the good mood, thanks for that. So easy to just go wtih flow of the must have good time doing this. Respect! 
Smart n funny!! 
Hillarious! It is funny because it is true. The best line was the 'And then I went to college and I got really crazy' Also the 'he's 35 and drives a motorcycle' was great. Funniest dialogue in the competition. ------Director of 'The Time Is Now''------- 
Terrific writing, some scarily true...! My film is called "The Course." 
I really enjoyed this one. The danger in doing this sort of thing at times is that transitions in the conversation can get clunky and a bit too obvious. I don't think that happened here. I think it flowed really well.  
grt job. Really enjoyd it.  
Very Well Done! A Great Comedy presented in Very Subtle Manner! 
Excellent concept, very original, very true. excellent execution, actors are terrific, congratulations ! 
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A Relationship in 3 -Dan
A Relationship in 3
Directed By Dan

3.18 min
Ctrl alt lost-Fili
Ctrl alt lost
Directed By Fili

3.00 min