Sands of Time

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-25-2009, Uploaded By : Gene
Directed By :  Tracy Frenkel, Producer Director,,
Shot On: Sony 730 (HD Cam), Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 10  Duration: 3.00 mins
Orlando ,FL , United States   Views: 1316
Inspiration: Importance of love and family in our hectic lives.

Interesting mix of the almost slapsticky nature of the first half with the sentimental ending, but I definitely went along with it. Enjoyed the way you added exagerrated sound effects (the sandwich part) to the sped-up footage. I feel like the very end could have been stronger and more moving without the text. 
I loved the contrast of just living to the serenity of loss. I agree with Dan on the text. But I also feel that it was able to bring attention to parts that some would miss. So I think it might be an oppinion thing. Here is to the graveyard films. Here here! 
Hey thanks for the comments on my film SNOOZE , I really loved the first half of this film , I loved the way it was shot and edited the sound effects were great too, but I did think the text at the end kind of hindered the film . Great Job !!! 
A good story, and well done in every aspect, even the text at the end. It made me think as well as feel sad. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
It was very good edited and driven until the end which gives us mixed feelings. First, he has a memory of his dead wife, which is kind of said. The second, he stopped to remember or to meditate about that and then he fell a sleep. I wonder, would it be different if he stopped at home in his bed with a picture of his dead wife and then remember those things? I think it would be stronger, just because we watched him from the morning in his house. Music is almost unbearable, it undermines a good feeling. Good luck! 
sweet filmmaking , liked it ! 
Srdan- Thanks for your notes, they are appreciated. The cemetery concept actually was scripted as Ben falls asleep next to his wife's grave, she comes to him in a dream, and this is the only respite/comfort he has in his hectic life. The music was chosen to amplify the comfort and etherial aspectts of his wife's cerebral visit. Thanks again and much luck in the competition with your fine film. 
The first part of the film is hectic, wacky and pretty funny but with the choice of music and sound it makes the transition to the cemetary a bit less powerful. The flashbacks were great and the photography is excellent... I think the music at the end could have been better, but it still works well as a whole 
Very touching piece. I thought the variable speed was a good way to express those moments in life, that just fly by. But reflection, we can concentrate on the moments that really matter. Good work ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
Thanks for your comments on my film 'Miming Tragedy'. I haven't been able to find a copy of Mel Brooks' 'Silent Time' but I loved 'Blazing Saddles' and want to see more of his early stuff. I reacted like most seem to have reacted to this film. Great first half, great slap-stick pacing...second half, laid on a little thick - and yes, the titles are too much - like the words had been copied from a Hallmark card. It's really difficult to earn a favourable viewer response to such sentiments when you've only been given 3 minutes to invest in the charcaters, story et al. Has to be a concentrated moment of human experience that rings deeply in a direct and short way. I always admire ambition though. 
Nice work, sweet, sad, engaging beginning. If I personally were to change one thing, it would be the captions at the end. While the sentiment is touching, it would be nice to find a way to show it in the film as opposed to be tell it to us. Maker of "The Course." 
Hedia, thanks for the observations. Once again regarding your film (The Course) as I previously noted, it was well done in every aspect...should seriously consider commercials at some point if you haven't already done so. Also appreciate the end captions suggestion. The running "consensus" seems to be that there is a split view among film makers as to the use of the captions. However, as for "public audiences/viewers" it is overwhelmingly in favor of the captions. Its like the Italians say, "tutti gusti...son gusti" (rough translation: "there's everyone's tasts...and there's your taste..."). Your insights are genuinley noted and appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to view and review.  
beautiful beautiful!!! it started with a very normal note then end up with a pause! and a beautiful pause!  
Too many styles in the telling of the story. Keep the editing simple, it doesn't give the ending away by being consistent. But the last half was "awwwww" 
Great production--bright with fast engaging pace, through to the end, which hit a chord, moving and thought provoking. Please have a look at my entry, "Planet Shift"  
I've seen this concept before, although leaves were used. The sentiment was however delivered, which is probably the key issue. Tighten up a little, you don't need to drag, it was a tad hard to be patient to get to the end as I felt there was a battle between wanting to get through and feeling the sentiment and emotion. Now focus on improved production qualities, think twice about pace, need and your personal desires, and keep hard with the connection with the audience. 
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