Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-29-2009, Uploaded By : Alexandre
Directed By :  alexandre guena, Director,,
Shot On: Panasonic HPX 170, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 10  Duration: 1.82 mins
salvador ,ba , Brazil   Views: 1882
Inspiration: You will never find...

Liked the look of the main character as well as the overall look of the film (some great shots). I couldn't understand the line of narration nearing the end, but as I went back to try and hear it, the sound effects/soundtrack seem so deliberately loud that I wonder if you did it on purpose. Can't say I completely understood this short, but I could still find some things to admire about it. 
good use of imagery, sound balance is poor, can't hear the words. Interesting concept, but I can't relate it to the theme. 
Nice shots and editing, but a totally perplexing story line. Couldn't figure out what it was about or how it related to the theme... Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
Like the sound effects and the character. 
good cinematography ,but dint understood the story 
I wonder what kind of filmaker thinks that this film has nothing to do with the theme. The film was totaly thought with the focus on "Race Against the Clock" However I avoid using the image of clock or change image speed as it is the most obvious and simple thing to do for those with free spirit and for those who really care about audiovisual production, time is abstract and the clock is the same as the one as Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" (1927). 
We must use our heads and interpret art. Sometimes, like a painting the answer isn't condescendingly given to us on a platter. I enjoyed this film and felt that for me, at least, it was not Banuel, but Surrealism. There was a point, and that was the lack of care, as time speeds on around us, we can focus on what we see as important and befitting of time well spent. 
I listen with my head phones and had the pleasure of really hearing the sound design. Combined with the images, it made it quite the dynamic piece. Plus I think the actress is super-cute. ------Director of 'The Time is Now'------ 
u have got a different style! let me know the dialog in between!  
Super cool and strange, I enjoyed the images very much, and the fact that it was not explained to me plainly what's going on, is not a problem for me. 
Exactly Hedia! I also like films which I don't understand all at first.  
The sound balance (narration) is inspired by My Bloody Valentine's record "Isn't anything" in which the lines get mixed with the instrumental and everything sounds subliminal.  
I am sorry this is not a free theme or something like that. We see a character, female, around 25 year old playing like little girl and a name of a movie could be called anyway abstract to be exactly the same, but you choose Politic, which is confusing, but not in a good manner. It is too opened for interpretation which some people will like. But there are rules also in a zen-Buddhism which offers themes as this, like e.g. How does it sound a clap with just one hand? It is there to confuse, but also to shows our limits in interpretation of world. Politic is not that abstract theme, but you can always ask D.Lynch what he thinks about this work, maybe you could understand each other. I love Lynch, but I am missing something inexpressible in your video-art. Good luck! 
My friend Roda, you are drowning on your on shit in this festival. My granddad used to say: "Once someone finds himself in this situation it's best not to move because you are going to drown even more". I believe that you need a good rest or a good job and I can't help you much being so far away. It's very easy for you to admire David Lynch today (even Eraserhead), what an amazing discovery! But , judging by your comments in all the films, I'm forced to believe that you only like your own work in this community. Or worst, you became a character, the enemy of the new filmakers. It's funny, but we all give you no credit. You can call this film “M for Mafalda” or simply “Race Against the Clock”, but I can tell you that it's not by chance that films have an original title. Politic for people that live in Latin America isn't EXACLTY what you understand by that. You should've guessed that. The reality goes beyond the news and the “political” blockbusters made in Brazil, that so many foreign people are found of. What I like the most in Filmaka is to see the speech of the new cinema in the whole world, what goes on in the soul of people. No one could stop this kind of attitude. We need rules to overcome them or even just to break them. The kids are free! You are welcome here.  
My mother and her friends (who are all lawyers and not filmakers) haved watched, enjoyed and understood completly with no need of any further explanation. They all think the "Mafalda" tattoo is a great touch as well. For those who may not know the character: "Mafalda is a comic strip written and drawn by the Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado (pen name Quino). The strip features a girl named Mafalda (5 years old at the time of the comic's creation)[citation needed] who is deeply concerned about humanity and world peace and rebels against the world as it is. The strip ran from 1964 to 1973 and was very popular in Latin America, Europe and in Asia, leading to two animated cartoon series and a movie." Since they don't have profiles here and my mother doesn't write very well in english, I would like to copy and paste the comment made by her on an email with the respective translation: "Você está ÓTIMA! Gostei muito mais de Politic do que do outro. Eu entendi que a imagem, assim como na política, nem sempre é o que parece. Estou certa?" "You are GREAT! I like Politic more than the other one. I understood that image, just like politic, isn't always what it seems. Am I right?" And yes, I think she is totally right. 
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