Contest Name :Wild Card , Submission Date :12-02-2009, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Sjostrom, artist/filmmaker,,
Shot On: HD tape, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 2,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
Toronto ,Ontario , Canada   Views: 2063
Inspiration: The last time that I actually went to a New Year's Eve Party was in 1994 in Hollywood, LA. That inspired me to make this video.

You are one fantabulous woman, Lee! Excellent work for just one person, AGAIN, and I mean the acting of 5 characters, the music, the editing, even take off on Charles Dickens. You have my vote! xo 
"Just in case there are no ghosts." What a wacky and surreal little movie you've got here. 
Nothing wrong with surreal and wacky, lol :) You always surprise me, Lee! Another one well done. 
loved the concept Lee! You are amazing acting, editing brilliant! you have my vote! michelle  
Good job! and funny acting and editing! 
Nice twist on the Christmas theme. Whatever you were drinking, Lee, I want some too! 
Wow! Thanks everyone ( Ro, Dan, Ali, Michelle, Jose and Randy) for the great comments on my video! I finished watching every submission last night, commented on all of them and have short listed 9... It was a VERY difficult job because there are so MANY really good entries for this theme! Now I have an even MORE difficult job of choosing 5 out of the best for me, 9, to finish off the voting process and qualify for the competition! 
Love it! 
Randy ... I made the 'wine' out of really old, powder apple tea. It tasted terrible! I never drink 'real' alcohol during a shoot, but I did have a couple of beers after I wrapped that night. 
Thanks, Benjamin :-) 
This is fascinating in a way I can't quite put my finger on.Truly one of a kind! 
Very interesting film! Original story! Very nicely edited! Im glad you liked my film "Perspective" I hope I grab one of your votes!! 
i liked the concept ! and u have got a great actor because its difficult to do 5 different in a single frame! 
Thanks, Andy! Well, it IS a totally solo production so in that aspect it's 'one' of a kind, lol! 
Thanks Blake! I totally enjoyed making it, even if it was challenging in my crowded apartment. And I hope that I grab one of YOUR votes :-) 
Thank you, -V- BRANG ;-) Thanks about the acting. It's really not all that difficult for me to play several roles. In the third solo one one that I did, I played 9 different characters. 
I like your five characters, Lee! And the addition of the Ghost of Just in Case... I also want to echo what Andy said. As for the fact that you've already watched every film -- wow, good for you, I am just getting started... 
Thanks for the compliments, Hedia! Yup! I always look forward to seeing everyone's films. There is SO much talent in most of the entries! 
I was very entertained! The sudden entrance of all the ghosts was great! I am very impressed by your quality, especially as a solo act. Definetely voting for this, because it made me chuckle :) 
A heady and shambolic journey, with F. Scott Fitzgerald flavour and the many faces of Lee.  
Thanks, Ian! I'm glad that you were entertained and that I made you chuckle! I love when that happens! 
Thanks for your comment, Mark :-) I'm not quite sure that 'shambolic' is a compliment, but I do like F. Scott and have read and have a collection of his books. 
Very interesting film, you obviously put a lot of effort into it. Thanks for your comment, and good luck with the competition. 
The script and dialogue is great!!! 
Thanks, William! Actually, it was less effort than working with a crew and 'real' actors. Good luck to you with the competition as well! 
Thank you, David for your comment :-) Yeah, it would have been nice to have had a 'real' crew, talented actors and better editing ;-) Getting free locations here in TO is an impossibility and my own place is tiny and cramped. Therefore the solo shoots, for now. 
Very Interesting film, i liked it the editing and the music is really good.  
Thanks, KamalDeep :-) I especially love it when people say that my music is good! 
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Christmas Cookies-Dave
Christmas Cookies
Directed By Dave

3.00 min 6
Directed By Andy

1.82 min 10
The Suburban Occult-Matt
The Suburban Occult
Directed By Matt

2.27 min 8
Bloodstained Footpri-Marty
Bloodstained Footpri
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2.47 min 16
Pehchaan (Identity)-V-Brang
Pehchaan (Identity)
Directed By V-Brang

3.33 min 8
The Killer-Alexandra
The Killer
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3.33 min 12
wish you were here (-Angelos
wish you were here (
Directed By Angelos

1.00 min 13
Directed By Dipankar

3.00 min 14
Monkey Theory-lawrence
Monkey Theory
Directed By lawrence

0.92 min 5
Directed By lawrence

1.87 min 5
Directed By Michael

3.13 min 7
Xmas dog-_
Xmas dog
Directed By _

2.93 min 10
Directed By Blake

3.22 min 17
Directed By Jamy

3.33 min 7
Beauty is Blind-Michael
Beauty is Blind
Directed By Michael

3.00 min 13
A drop of tear-Prague
A drop of tear
Directed By Prague

3.00 min 6
You want a Sandwich -Aliakbar
You want a Sandwich
Directed By Aliakbar

3.32 min 11
Directed By J.Michael

2.90 min 17
154 days of insepera-Michelle
154 days of insepera
Directed By Michelle

2.82 min 9
Help Wanted-Manav
Help Wanted
Directed By Manav

3.20 min 5
Last Man-Brett
Last Man
Directed By Brett

2.98 min 8
Dos en la ciudad (Ci-Julio
Dos en la ciudad (Ci
Directed By Julio

3.00 min 9
Justin Time -Dane
Justin Time
Directed By Dane

3.00 min 5
Psilocybe (New)-William
Psilocybe (New)
Directed By William

3.10 min 5
Directed By Will

3.00 min 9
Man On Bench-Brian
Man On Bench
Directed By Brian

1.02 min 10
Love Finds Love-Prague
Love Finds Love
Directed By Prague

3.00 min 4
Directed By THE

3.00 min 10
Dance With Death-Srdjan
Dance With Death
Directed By Srdjan

2.98 min 14
Traceurs in Copenhag-Soren
Traceurs in Copenhag
Directed By Soren

1.00 min 9
The Cool Experience-Prague
The Cool Experience
Directed By Prague

2.55 min 5
Directed By Ian

3.00 min 19
The game of war-Luca
The game of war
Directed By Luca

3.12 min 12
Bad Dreams-Will
Bad Dreams
Directed By Will

2.32 min 22
Directed By Norman

2.97 min 10
The Other Side of AR-JOSE
The Other Side of AR
Directed By JOSE

1.87 min 6
Charlie's Blind Date-Ryan
Charlie's Blind Date
Directed By Ryan

2.87 min 6
Directed By Mark

3.33 min 8
Mr. Chimes-Richard
Mr. Chimes
Directed By Richard

1.42 min 9
Nuevo Dia (New day)-Miguel
Nuevo Dia (New day)
Directed By Miguel

3.00 min 7
Driving Tired-Matt
Driving Tired
Directed By Matt

2.72 min 9
Stay out of the Bush-Maxime
Stay out of the Bush
Directed By Maxime

3.33 min 4
ritual de lo habitua-Léa
ritual de lo habitua
Directed By Léa

0.35 min 2
Real Magic-Rion
Real Magic
Directed By Rion

2.93 min 6
ritual de lo habitua-Léa
ritual de lo habitua
Directed By Léa

2.13 min 5
Still Watching?-Rudolf
Still Watching?
Directed By Rudolf

3.33 min 10
Directed By Alec

2.25 min 8
Directed By Alexandre

3.00 min 11
Directed By Randy

3.33 min 20
As Far As It Goes-Daniela
As Far As It Goes
Directed By Daniela

2.92 min 10
Pass The Joint-Spike
Pass The Joint
Directed By Spike

3.00 min 4
Directed By KamalDeepDung

3.20 min 20
Directed By Sila

2.82 min 5
Make Her Scream-Daniela
Make Her Scream
Directed By Daniela

1.23 min 10
Directed By Peter

3.33 min 9
Directed By Tanya

2.68 min 9
Alone Time-Darrell
Alone Time
Directed By Darrell

2.78 min 4
Directed By David

2.65 min 8
Ms. Calistoga-Ilya
Ms. Calistoga
Directed By Ilya

3.33 min 6
Hickory Dickory-James
Hickory Dickory
Directed By James

2.00 min 12
Jerusalem St. 2020-Shady
Jerusalem St. 2020
Directed By Shady

2.08 min 7
Washed Out-Antoine
Washed Out
Directed By Antoine

3.33 min 3
Wasn't Me, Dude-Benjamin
Wasn't Me, Dude
Directed By Benjamin

2.85 min 10
Directed By Ms

3.00 min 20
Directed By Lee

3.00 min 28
If We Shadows-Heather
If We Shadows
Directed By Heather

3.00 min 12
Late Night Radio-Dan
Late Night Radio
Directed By Dan

3.20 min 18
Directed By Marco

3.18 min 9
A Round-Pedro
A Round
Directed By Pedro

3.00 min 6
Directed By David

3.33 min 15
A Day in the City-Todd
A Day in the City
Directed By Todd

2.93 min 6
Directed By Hedia

3.26 min 21
Directed By Reed

3.33 min 13
Directed By Luis

3.33 min 10
Directed By Emil

1.15 min 7
Honeymoon Period. -Gina
Honeymoon Period.
Directed By Gina

3.00 min 12
Directed By Jethro

2.73 min 9
The Bomb Squad-Pascal
The Bomb Squad
Directed By Pascal

2.98 min 7
In Grace's Heart-Patricia
In Grace's Heart
Directed By Patricia

3.00 min 6
6th Army Recruitment-Brett
6th Army Recruitment
Directed By Brett

3.00 min 0
Directed By Peter

3.33 min 0
Directed By Ian

3.33 min 0
Directed By Aliakbar

3.33 min 0
The message-Luca
The message
Directed By Luca

3.33 min 0
Directed By Alexandra

3.33 min 0
Good Morning Mr Jenk-Marty
Good Morning Mr Jenk
Directed By Marty

2.98 min 0
Directed By David

3.28 min 2
Where There's Life-Rudolf
Where There's Life
Directed By Rudolf

3.28 min 0
Directed By David

2.67 min 0
Hide and Seek-Will
Hide and Seek
Directed By Will

3.25 min 0
Grande (BIG)-Julio
Grande (BIG)
Directed By Julio

3.33 min 0
Trash Rain-Shady
Trash Rain
Directed By Shady

3.02 min 0
Good Morning Mr Jenk-Marty
Good Morning Mr Jenk
Directed By Marty

0.00 min 0
Check Please...-Reed
Check Please...
Directed By Reed

3.17 min 0
His Helena and His H-Heather
His Helena and His H
Directed By Heather

3.28 min 0
Vanishing Act-Dan
Vanishing Act
Directed By Dan

3.07 min 0
Walk in the Park-Ms
Walk in the Park
Directed By Ms

3.00 min 0
Dinner for Three-Michael
Dinner for Three
Directed By Michael

3.00 min 0