Contest Name :Documentary Finalist 09, Submission Date :03-16-2010, Uploaded By : Alexander
Directed By :  Alex Thomas and Paul McCrudden, Writer, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Sony A1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.00 mins
London ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 1495
Inspiration: B£LIEVE shows the increasing threat to local community identity of retail homogenisation and the creative and passionate resistance by local people.
Other Info: Clone Town, Brands, Portobello, Brixton £, retail, independent, community, identity, Paris, cittaslow

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Finding Lead Belly-J.M.
Finding Lead Belly
Directed By J.M.

3.00 min
Hope & Dreams-Abhijit
Hope & Dreams
Directed By Abhijit

2.98 min
Mountain City-Mengying
Mountain City
Directed By Mengying

2.90 min
Forgotten Sisters 2-Jadran
Forgotten Sisters 2
Directed By Jadran

2.88 min
Batalha final-Raphael
Batalha final
Directed By Raphael

2.93 min
Oscar "IIX", Catholi
Directed By Brendan

3.00 min
In the Manner of a W-Belle
In the Manner of a W
Directed By Belle

3.00 min
The Flying Pole-Adolfo
The Flying Pole
Directed By Adolfo

3.10 min
Directed By Robin

3.33 min
The Colour Of My Lif-Tuleka
The Colour Of My Lif
Directed By Tuleka

3.00 min
Los Hijos De La Gabr-Hugo
Los Hijos De La Gabr
Directed By Hugo

3.08 min
In the Manner of a W-Belle
In the Manner of a W
Directed By Belle

3.00 min
The Third Act of Mar-Rick
The Third Act of Mar
Directed By Rick

3.07 min
The Village-Maxime
The Village
Directed By Maxime

3.33 min
Directed By Alex

3.00 min
Directed By Sebastian

2.68 min