Contest Name :Stuck In Traffic, Submission Date :12-29-2006, Uploaded By : Noah
Directed By :  Noah Harald, Director,Santa Monica, CA,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration:
, ,    Views: 5683
Inspiration: I`ve been wanting to challenge myself to create tension in a short that is real even without knowing the characters as well as you can in longer form.
Other Info: I wanted to be as loose with the challenge as possible. This went from script to screen in 5 days total. Enjoy.

There definitely is tension there, nice job.  
Really nice job! 
Great job! Interesting story, detailed approach, and slick editing. Excellent ending, too! 
Very remarkable skills to create tension. The Acting was very precise and well executed. The camera work and photography was very effective and simple. Editting was good too. At first it reminded me of a short version of "phone booth" The premise is very similar, but i guees as it progressed it became a different piece. You are a filmmaker, no doubt about it. Keep up the good work.  
So well done. One of the most suspenseful 3-minute pieces I've ever seen. Keep up the superb craftsmanship. My one complaint is that I feel like I've seen the same story told several times before. Nevertheless, kudos.  
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