7 Leguas

Contest Name :Stuck In Traffic, Submission Date :02-15-2007, Uploaded By : Noah
Directed By :  Noah Harald, Director,Los Angeles,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.34 mins
, ,    Views: 2421
Inspiration: I wanted to get outside of the box on the concept for stuck in traffic. I wanted to do something relevant and with heart.
Other Info: 7 Leguas is the name of Pancho Villa`s horse. 7 Leagues was how far he rode his horse to cross the border for the revolution. Music By Seis Cuerdas.

I really like your film! Have you done the feature yet or was it done as the short? How do you vote?? Caesar 
this is a good film indeed but you cannot vote on this, it is only meant for jury voting 
This is a really great film. The story is really well presented and the music works great. Superb acting, direction and camerawork aswell!Well done guys! Mike 
good film! beautiful image (I like this light), good actors, touching story.. we enjoyed watching it. we think it would be even better if there was a clear set though (during that main scene with the three characters, i personnally really like close ups, but it would have been nice to introduce the scene with a larger image of the set).. anyways, we liked the film really much. please check out our short movie on the subject "mistaken identity". the name is 'sleeping swan". helene and theo 
david phyfer I like your style. It is a wonderful thing that is happening with the new high quality, small cameras. I love the flexibility of stable hand held shots. You got the story and the look perfect...nice job. 
terrific pacing is excellent the story tight and well played out  
very strong and the way congratulations:) 
do you have a feature in the works? lovelyones 
Noah, congrats on winning! Like the way the story goes from begining till the end, all actors are exact on situation, my congratrulations to them too. Reminds me to Maria llena eres de gracia. 
excellent. up close, very personal. understated. music fits like a glove, performances good. perfect 3 minutes. 
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