Les Delaysons Dangereuses

Contest Name :Stuck In Traffic, Submission Date :12-25-2006, Uploaded By : Setu
Directed By :  Setu Raval & Jesse Pilkes, ,,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.02 mins
, ,    Views: 660

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My Name Is Bob-Larissa
My Name Is Bob
Directed By Larissa

2.85 min 2
Stuck In ...-Benjamin
Stuck In ...
Directed By Benjamin

2.08 min 0
Traffic Jam By Dark -Neil
Traffic Jam By Dark
Directed By Neil

3.93 min 1
The 12 Daze Of Chris-Dustin
The 12 Daze Of Chris
Directed By Dustin

3.00 min 0
Stuck In Inner Traff-NYAY
Stuck In Inner Traff
Directed By NYAY

2.33 min 0
Stuck In Traffic... -james
Stuck In Traffic...
Directed By james

3.00 min 2
Comfort Zone-John
Comfort Zone
Directed By John

3.19 min 0
Directed By Rowena

1.16 min 0
Directed By Richard

3.00 min 0
`Stuck In Traffic`-Fergus
`Stuck In Traffic`
Directed By Fergus

3.00 min 2
Stuck, In Traffic-Randall
Stuck, In Traffic
Directed By Randall

2.78 min 1
Stuck In Traffic (Of-Sonja
Stuck In Traffic (Of
Directed By Sonja

2.10 min 0
Where Are The Flower-Wessel
Where Are The Flower
Directed By Wessel

2.97 min 0
On The Run-Charlotte
On The Run
Directed By Charlotte

3.01 min 0
Blind Rage-11th
Blind Rage
Directed By 11th

2.35 min 0
The Hula Hunt-Michael
The Hula Hunt
Directed By Michael

2.65 min 0
Stuck In Traffic...-Matthew
Stuck In Traffic...
Directed By Matthew

3.00 min 1
No Reception-Cullen
No Reception
Directed By Cullen

2.92 min 2
Inch By Inch-Bertie
Inch By Inch
Directed By Bertie

1.79 min 0
Eternally Stuck In T-Chris
Eternally Stuck In T
Directed By Chris

2.32 min 0
Episode 1: The Bus T-Nick
Episode 1: The Bus T
Directed By Nick

2.99 min 0
Bunnies On Pogostick-Anne
Bunnies On Pogostick
Directed By Anne

2.05 min 0
Les Delaysons Danger-Setu
Les Delaysons Danger
Directed By Setu

3.02 min 0
1000 Days-Justin
1000 Days
Directed By Justin

2.91 min 0
Directed By Klein

2.97 min 0
The Passion Of The U-Miguelangel
The Passion Of The U
Directed By Miguelangel

2.97 min 1
Directed By Brent

3.00 min 0
The Storm Of `94-Eric
The Storm Of `94
Directed By Eric

2.99 min 0
The Granniest-brian
The Granniest
Directed By brian

2.49 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Janice
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Janice

2.92 min 0
Holiday Traffic-Ehren
Holiday Traffic
Directed By Ehren

3.00 min 0
Escape / Stuck In Tr-Edwige
Escape / Stuck In Tr
Directed By Edwige

2.08 min 0
Stuck In Traffic: Th-Byron
Stuck In Traffic: Th
Directed By Byron

2.94 min 0
Moving On-Purva
Moving On
Directed By Purva

3.07 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Benjamin
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Benjamin

2.96 min 0
Happy Birthday-Wataru
Happy Birthday
Directed By Wataru

2.88 min 1
Directed By Ambika

2.28 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Ed
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Ed

2.64 min 0
Directed By ali

3.03 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Simon
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Simon

2.84 min 0
Stuck In Traffic (Ma-Michael
Stuck In Traffic (Ma
Directed By Michael

2.94 min 0
What Color Is A Rain-Frankie
What Color Is A Rain
Directed By Frankie

0.99 min 0
Fish Out Of Water-Brawny
Fish Out Of Water
Directed By Brawny

3.77 min 0
Driving Bobby Mad-Alfredo
Driving Bobby Mad
Directed By Alfredo

3.00 min 0
Daily Rutine-Adolfo
Daily Rutine
Directed By Adolfo

2.77 min 1
Mental Traffic-Anwar
Mental Traffic
Directed By Anwar

3.00 min 0
One Good Person Wort-Stephen
One Good Person Wort
Directed By Stephen

3.41 min 1
Directed By Carmen

3.66 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Vincent
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Vincent

2.98 min 0
Stuck In The Traffic-Karthik
Stuck In The Traffic
Directed By Karthik

2.66 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Anthony
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Anthony

1.77 min 0
The Smell-Takuma
The Smell
Directed By Takuma

2.50 min 0
Directed By Noah

3.33 min 5
Stuck In Traffic-Miguel
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Miguel

3.00 min 0
Directed By Adam

3.00 min 0
Directed By Kevin

2.40 min 0
Stuffed In Traffic-Terese
Stuffed In Traffic
Directed By Terese

1.84 min 0
Radio Waves-Ambika
Radio Waves
Directed By Ambika

2.50 min 5
Stuck In Traffic-Anshul
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Anshul

3.00 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Demetri
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Demetri

2.96 min 0
Silent Shorty-Neslie
Silent Shorty
Directed By Neslie

3.76 min 0
Stuck In Traffic-Daniela
Stuck In Traffic
Directed By Daniela

1.69 min 0
Directed By Brigitte

3.40 min 0
City Of Cars-Leo
City Of Cars
Directed By Leo

2.75 min 0
A Paper Man One Day-andy
A Paper Man One Day
Directed By andy

3.43 min 0
Directed By Ray

3.00 min 0
A Bridge Too Slow-Dawn
A Bridge Too Slow
Directed By Dawn

3.33 min 1
Hardwood Floors-Carly
Hardwood Floors
Directed By Carly

3.45 min 0
Life Of Jams-Yasu
Life Of Jams
Directed By Yasu

2.58 min 0
Directed By Terry

3.00 min 0
Elevator Shaft - Stu-Santiago
Elevator Shaft - Stu
Directed By Santiago

3.02 min 1
Three Muskeeters-meltem
Three Muskeeters
Directed By meltem

2.76 min 0
Stuck In Traffic (Ne-Maddy
Stuck In Traffic (Ne
Directed By Maddy

2.75 min 0
Sex Traffic-Rowena
Sex Traffic
Directed By Rowena

1.15 min 4
The Traffic Man-Stephen
The Traffic Man
Directed By Stephen

3.33 min 0
An African Dream-James
An African Dream
Directed By James

3.00 min 0
Directed By Karoly

3.33 min 5
Just Business-Cullen
Just Business
Directed By Cullen

3.32 min 3
Fruits Of Our Labor-Ambika
Fruits Of Our Labor
Directed By Ambika

3.10 min 8
Stop Wait Go-Purva
Stop Wait Go
Directed By Purva

3.24 min 0
7 Leguas-Noah
7 Leguas
Directed By Noah

3.34 min 10
Safety Queen-Wataru
Safety Queen
Directed By Wataru

3.15 min 0
Stuck On Love-Byron
Stuck On Love
Directed By Byron

2.88 min 0
Organ Traffic-Matthew
Organ Traffic
Directed By Matthew

3.35 min 0
`Meat Market`-Fergus
`Meat Market`
Directed By Fergus

3.09 min 2
One Way-Anwar
One Way
Directed By Anwar

3.38 min 0
Double Shift-Adolfo
Double Shift
Directed By Adolfo

3.50 min 1
A Fading Red-demetri
A Fading Red
Directed By demetri

3.32 min 1