Game Excerpt

Contest Name :Unkle, Submission Date :12-10-2007, Uploaded By : Daniel
Directed By :  Daniel Belton, ,,
    Duration: 2.00 mins
, , New Zealand   Views: 135 Other Info: We can send more images of our work, including stills from Jac Grenfell`s portfolio, and further film clips.

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Unkle Restless Sampl-C.
Unkle Restless Sampl
Directed By C.

1.90 min
2007-Acs-0.19 Filmak-Alex
2007-Acs-0.19 Filmak
Directed By Alex

1.88 min
A.Barry S.Doram Show-Sekani
A.Barry S.Doram Show
Directed By Sekani

1.65 min
Footage Example-Alejandro
Footage Example
Directed By Alejandro

2.08 min
Directed By Ayan

2.19 min
Showreel Clips-Azhur
Showreel Clips
Directed By Azhur

1.74 min
Sun 5 Mamacita-Baker
Sun 5 Mamacita
Directed By Baker

1.93 min
Am I Digital: Ps3-Bert&Bertie
Am I Digital: Ps3
Directed By Bert&Bertie

1.24 min
Something Tiny-Duncan
Something Tiny
Directed By Duncan

4.39 min
Mods Dir. Reel-MODS
Mods Dir. Reel
Directed By MODS

2.20 min
The Dead Soldier Vot-Bobby
The Dead Soldier Vot
Directed By Bobby

3.14 min
Directed By Jeremy

2.54 min
Various (Libra, Manc-Lucas
Various (Libra, Manc
Directed By Lucas

2.98 min
Directed By carla

2.12 min
Nike Freestylin`-Neil
Nike Freestylin`
Directed By Neil

1.00 min
Charuvi N Jeff Showr-Charuvi
Charuvi N Jeff Showr
Directed By Charuvi

2.06 min
Kobayashi Reel07-Kobayashi
Kobayashi Reel07
Directed By Kobayashi

3.08 min
Directed By Claire

1.98 min
Chris White & Campbe-CHRIS
Chris White & Campbe
Directed By CHRIS

2.05 min
Showreel 4 Unkle-Yasu
Showreel 4 Unkle
Directed By Yasu

2.00 min
Unkle Pitch / Dakus -dakus
Unkle Pitch / Dakus
Directed By dakus

2.00 min
Danann Breathnach Di-Danann
Danann Breathnach Di
Directed By Danann

2.02 min
Game Excerpt-Daniel
Game Excerpt
Directed By Daniel

2.00 min
Mx Clips-Disspong
Mx Clips
Directed By Disspong

2.72 min
Showreel + Sony Az S-Deane
Showreel + Sony Az S
Directed By Deane

1.67 min
Directed By Matt

1.83 min
Restless Video Pitch-Jason
Restless Video Pitch
Directed By Jason

2.34 min
Directed By Adythia

3.46 min
Directed By Dita

2.72 min
Directed By mood

2.06 min
Directed By LIZ+EDWARD

0.92 min
Schuster Unkle Submi-Stephen
Schuster Unkle Submi
Directed By Stephen

2.00 min
Faq Sampler-Faisal
Faq Sampler
Directed By Faisal

1.98 min
Best Of My Work-Fernando
Best Of My Work
Directed By Fernando

2.29 min
Reel Felipe Cardona-Felipe
Reel Felipe Cardona
Directed By Felipe

4.61 min
Directed By Davison

4.12 min
The Only One Lonely-Matt
The Only One Lonely
Directed By Matt

3.89 min
Show Reel-Glenn
Show Reel
Directed By Glenn

1.94 min
Jackson And His Comp-Rodger
Jackson And His Comp
Directed By Rodger

0.82 min
One Step At A Time-paul
One Step At A Time
Directed By paul

2.79 min
Directed By Gustavfriends

2.21 min
Hagit Marcus-Hagit
Hagit Marcus
Directed By Hagit

1.14 min
Extract From
Extract From "A Shor
Directed By Harriet

1.97 min
My Proverbial Heart-Matt
My Proverbial Heart
Directed By Matt

1.50 min
Irene Maffei Showree-irene
Irene Maffei Showree
Directed By irene

1.29 min
Extract - Young Offe-Isabel
Extract - Young Offe
Directed By Isabel

2.33 min
Tom Oswald-Ivo
Tom Oswald
Directed By Ivo

1.80 min
Volts - Unkle Animat-Tom
Volts - Unkle Animat
Directed By Tom

3.16 min
Volts - Unkle Animat-Tom
Volts - Unkle Animat
Directed By Tom

0.55 min
Directed By James

0.73 min
Directed By James

0.73 min
The Dead Teaser Trai-Jason
The Dead Teaser Trai
Directed By Jason

0.43 min
Selected Works By Ra-Ravage
Selected Works By Ra
Directed By Ravage

2.00 min
Unkle Reel-Jessica
Unkle Reel
Directed By Jessica

2.03 min
Visual Ideas For Con-James
Visual Ideas For Con
Directed By James

0.39 min
Vans Mixed Biz-John
Vans Mixed Biz
Directed By John

0.59 min
Knowles Sample-John
Knowles Sample
Directed By John

2.00 min
Unkle Restless Pitch-Jon
Unkle Restless Pitch
Directed By Jon

1.89 min
Director`s Reel & Sh-Joseph
Director`s Reel & Sh
Directed By Joseph

4.46 min
Directed By justinacree

1.02 min
Video Storyboard - R-kristijan
Video Storyboard - R
Directed By kristijan

3.14 min
Blood On The Bath Ti-Andy
Blood On The Bath Ti
Directed By Andy

2.35 min
Restless Concept-Anthony
Restless Concept
Directed By Anthony

2.62 min
Photo Documentation -Laura
Photo Documentation
Directed By Laura

0.76 min
Pj Richardson - Laun-pj
Pj Richardson - Laun
Directed By pj

1.78 min
Big Borots-Luke
Big Borots
Directed By Luke

0.68 min
Lulabelle Showreel-Lulabelle
Lulabelle Showreel
Directed By Lulabelle

2.09 min
Sample Footage-Amanda
Sample Footage
Directed By Amanda

1.79 min
Showreel Purepicture-Marcel
Showreel Purepicture
Directed By Marcel

2.08 min
Gojira Beatmatching-Matei
Gojira Beatmatching
Directed By Matei

0.50 min
Unkle - Restless 200-Maxim
Unkle - Restless 200
Directed By Maxim

5.12 min
Three Muskeeters-Meltem
Three Muskeeters
Directed By Meltem

2.77 min
Selected Directing S-Mike
Selected Directing S
Directed By Mike

1.98 min
Cally Gage Live @ Ko-Miles
Cally Gage Live @ Ko
Directed By Miles

1.84 min
Unkle Restless Taste-Jonathan
Unkle Restless Taste
Directed By Jonathan

2.17 min
Zeropointnoise Monta-zeropointnoise
Zeropointnoise Monta
Directed By zeropointnoise

2.13 min
Director`s Reel - Ma-Mark
Director`s Reel - Ma
Directed By Mark

1.94 min
Footage Sergio Valde-Sergio
Footage Sergio Valde
Directed By Sergio

2.03 min
Footage Sergio Valde-Sergio
Footage Sergio Valde
Directed By Sergio

2.03 min
Adam Brown Unkle Ree-Adam
Adam Brown Unkle Ree
Directed By Adam

1.92 min
Convenient Telemarke-Murray
Convenient Telemarke
Directed By Murray

1.21 min
Convenient Telemarke-Murray
Convenient Telemarke
Directed By Murray

1.21 min
Unkle (Coxhill).Mp4-neil
Unkle (Coxhill).Mp4
Directed By neil

2.00 min
Directed By Nick

1.97 min
Ekranoplan Unkle Cut-Phil
Ekranoplan Unkle Cut
Directed By Phil

3.19 min
Mtv - 3650-Ubik
Mtv - 3650
Directed By Ubik

0.85 min
Mtv - 3650-Ubik
Mtv - 3650
Directed By Ubik

0.85 min
Restless Demo-Tom
Restless Demo
Directed By Tom

2.18 min
Sketch For The Compe-Olga
Sketch For The Compe
Directed By Olga

0.83 min
Sketch For Unkle Com-olga
Sketch For Unkle Com
Directed By olga

0.83 min
Directed By Les

2.25 min
Unkle Proposal-Lee
Unkle Proposal
Directed By Lee

1.99 min
So Goodbye-Karan
So Goodbye
Directed By Karan

2.57 min
Director`s Showreel -Paul
Director`s Showreel
Directed By Paul

1.65 min
Demo Reel-Anil
Demo Reel
Directed By Anil

1.98 min
Directed By Joshua

1.71 min
Showreel Clip - Unkl-Nick
Showreel Clip - Unkl
Directed By Nick

1.89 min
Test & Reel-RaphandVince
Test & Reel
Directed By RaphandVince

2.74 min
Ants Showreel-Ant
Ants Showreel
Directed By Ant

1.33 min
Sandrao - Respeito O-Renato
Sandrao - Respeito O
Directed By Renato

3.44 min
Some Work-Rene
Some Work
Directed By Rene

1.98 min
Some Work-Rene
Some Work
Directed By Rene

1.98 min
Trailer Salvatetruch-Bernal
Trailer Salvatetruch
Directed By Bernal

1.61 min
Directed By Roma

2.33 min
Kate Walshe + Alma C-Kate
Kate Walshe + Alma C
Directed By Kate

2.04 min
Showreel (Excerpt)-RUTH
Showreel (Excerpt)
Directed By RUTH

2.00 min
Directed By Scott

1.98 min
Ministry Messiah-Gints
Ministry Messiah
Directed By Gints

5.13 min
Directed By sadorio

1.57 min
Push/Pull Sample Sce-sahra
Push/Pull Sample Sce
Directed By sahra

1.90 min
Unkle Restless Refer-Santi
Unkle Restless Refer
Directed By Santi

1.02 min
Jorgensen Demo Reel-Alexander
Jorgensen Demo Reel
Directed By Alexander

2.11 min
Scubaboy Visual Exam-James
Scubaboy Visual Exam
Directed By James

1.29 min
Reel 2007-Nicholas
Reel 2007
Directed By Nicholas

1.96 min
Your Deep Eyes (Tvoi-Zlatka
Your Deep Eyes (Tvoi
Directed By Zlatka

3.97 min
Directed By brendan

2.00 min
Directed By serene

1.07 min
Remember - Heavy Adu-StandUpKennedy
Remember - Heavy Adu
Directed By StandUpKennedy

2.11 min
Clips From Archive-Anastasia
Clips From Archive
Directed By Anastasia

2.00 min

"Question" By In Arm
Directed By Travis

1.16 min
Directed By Terry

2.80 min
Directed By CLICK3x

2.93 min
Universe Pull-Nick
Universe Pull
Directed By Nick

2.34 min
All He Needs-Nicolas
All He Needs
Directed By Nicolas

4.60 min
Directed By Tiffany

1.34 min
Pull Tiger Tail-Tim
Pull Tiger Tail
Directed By Tim

4.12 min
Music Video Montage-john
Music Video Montage
Directed By john

1.69 min
Pitch For
Pitch For "Restless
Directed By Vangelis

2.00 min
Private Investigatio-Vikas
Private Investigatio
Directed By Vikas

2.40 min
Restless Pre Vis-Wayne
Restless Pre Vis
Directed By Wayne

2.29 min
Restless Visual Refe-Viktor
Restless Visual Refe
Directed By Viktor

1.99 min
The Lemon Tree-William
The Lemon Tree
Directed By William

2.50 min
Restless Pitch-Cullen
Restless Pitch
Directed By Cullen

1.07 min
Directed By xplusrey

2.58 min