Los Hijos De La Gabriel

Contest Name :08 March Documentary, Submission Date :03-25-2008, Uploaded By : Hugo
Directed By :  Hugo Royer, ,,
, , Mexico   Views: 2821 Other Info: I lived in the district “LaGabriel“ for few months.Through this journal,we will meet several characters doing differents things to earn their lifes

all over the world there is a lot of poor man.why there is no film ask anybody to solve the problem.please make a movie to educate the viewer.but i like the song that awesome ! mamamiya! 
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Directed By Abhijeet

1.34 min 0
Border Gathering - J-Adolfo
Border Gathering - J
Directed By Adolfo
United States
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Directed By Akram

1.38 min 0
Directed By Aliakbar
United Kingdom
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Propaganda (The Teas-Alton
Propaganda (The Teas
Directed By Alton

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Single Mother Who Ad-ambika
Single Mother Who Ad
Directed By ambika

0.78 min 0
More Than A Game-Azi
More Than A Game
Directed By Azi
United Kingdom
3.00 min 0
1st Place winner
Bullying Hurts-brittany
Bullying Hurts
Directed By brittany

0.51 min 0
Bush Dog-Chris
Bush Dog
Directed By Chris

2.97 min 0
Aphesh In 2nd Beach-Faith
Aphesh In 2nd Beach
Directed By Faith

1.29 min 0
Mummy`s Pride-feisal
Mummy`s Pride
Directed By feisal
2.67 min 0
Tent City Ontario Ca-Gabriel
Tent City Ontario Ca
Directed By Gabriel

5.02 min 0
Looking For Producer-Giovanni
Looking For Producer
Directed By Giovanni

1.48 min 0
Los Hijos De La Gabr-Hugo
Los Hijos De La Gabr
Directed By Hugo
3.01 min 1
1st Place winner
A Life To Live-Ismail
A Life To Live
Directed By Ismail
United States
0.00 min 1
She Didn`t Come-Jadran
She Didn`t Come
Directed By Jadran
2.44 min 0
Intro To La Ceiba-Jardiel
Intro To La Ceiba
Directed By Jardiel

1.70 min 0
Directed By Manel

2.99 min 0
Diary Of A Jerk : Ep-Maxime
Diary Of A Jerk : Ep
Directed By Maxime
3.05 min 0
Day To Day-Michael
Day To Day
Directed By Michael

2.92 min 0
Global Warming-Mohamed
Global Warming
Directed By Mohamed

2.99 min 0
Paradise City-Pieter
Paradise City
Directed By Pieter
South Africa
1.53 min 0
Confession Of A Doct-Shady
Confession Of A Doct
Directed By Shady

1.86 min 0
Alexandrian Poets-Stanka
Alexandrian Poets
Directed By Stanka

3.49 min 0
Conversations With A-Tiffany
Conversations With A
Directed By Tiffany

1.17 min 2
Directed By Tinna
1.55 min 0
A Faith Thing-Victor
A Faith Thing
Directed By Victor
2.71 min 0
Directed By xplusrey

1.20 min 0
Passing Thru-Yasunari
Passing Thru
Directed By Yasunari
1.00 min 0