Diary Of A Jerk Episode 2 : My Twisted Question

Contest Name :08 April Documentary, Submission Date :04-08-2008, Uploaded By : Maxime
Directed By :  Maxime Pourbaix, ,,
, , France   Views: 2239

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Directed By Alexander
United Kingdom
2.97 min 0
1st Place winner
Joe Allens =Crap-bobby
Joe Allens =Crap
Directed By bobby

1.68 min 0
Bush Dog-Chris
Bush Dog
Directed By Chris

2.98 min 0
A Couple Dead Dreams-DAN
A Couple Dead Dreams
Directed By DAN

4.61 min 0
The Golden Age Part -David
The Golden Age Part
Directed By David

1.56 min 0
Not A Country For An-David
Not A Country For An
Directed By David

1.67 min 0
The Enterprise Of Mi-Giovanni
The Enterprise Of Mi
Directed By Giovanni

2.66 min 1
Harry`s Cigarette-Giovanni
Harry`s Cigarette
Directed By Giovanni

1.61 min 0
Zebro  Lost In Space-Gubin
Zebro Lost In Space
Directed By Gubin

3.43 min 0
Super Kid-Harish
Super Kid
Directed By Harish

2.58 min 0
Smoky Shadow-Hiren
Smoky Shadow
Directed By Hiren

2.34 min 0
Los Hijos De La Gabr-hugo
Los Hijos De La Gabr
Directed By hugo

3.00 min 0
Under The Bridge-Jardiel
Under The Bridge
Directed By Jardiel
0.86 min 0
180 Degrees-Jardiel
180 Degrees
Directed By Jardiel

0.89 min 0
Life At The Big Hous-Jardiel
Life At The Big Hous
Directed By Jardiel

1.67 min 0
Birding In Honduras-Jardiel
Birding In Honduras
Directed By Jardiel

2.31 min 0
One Roof-Jon
One Roof
Directed By Jon

2.54 min 0
Directed By Kabutsuchi

2.44 min 0
Mental Block-Karen
Mental Block
Directed By Karen
United Kingdom
3.01 min 0
1st Place winner
Your Burning Desire-khadir
Your Burning Desire
Directed By khadir

3.13 min 0
Glimpse From The Mou-Laila
Glimpse From The Mou
Directed By Laila

2.90 min 0
Directed By M.

3.00 min 0
Diary Of A Jerk Epis-Maxime
Diary Of A Jerk Epis
Directed By Maxime
3.77 min 0
Dear Mom-Mercy
Dear Mom
Directed By Mercy
United Kingdom
0.98 min 0
Life And Death In Ci-Patricia
Life And Death In Ci
Directed By Patricia
1.00 min 0
Jonas Brothers Fans-Random
Jonas Brothers Fans
Directed By Random

1.02 min 0
Directed By Reuben

2.48 min 0
Greg Irwin: Hamilton-Richard
Greg Irwin: Hamilton
Directed By Richard
United States
3.00 min 0
Multan Report Dm Dig-saqib
Multan Report Dm Dig
Directed By saqib

0.70 min 0
Officially Happy Cra-Shady
Officially Happy Cra
Directed By Shady

2.79 min 0
Baqa`a Camp-Shady
Baqa`a Camp
Directed By Shady

2.04 min 0
Directed By Silviu

3.43 min 0
Directed By SPIRO

1.39 min 0
Jerildean Wray A Tru-TED
Jerildean Wray A Tru
Directed By TED

2.82 min 0
News At 10-Tiffany
News At 10
Directed By Tiffany

0.92 min 0
Night & Day In  Reyk-Tinna
Night & Day In Reyk
Directed By Tinna
1.57 min 0
Contrary To Consumat-Tinna
Contrary To Consumat
Directed By Tinna
1.62 min 0
The Archaeology Of C-Tom
The Archaeology Of C
Directed By Tom
United States
3.92 min 0
Spirit Of Fashion-Tom
Spirit Of Fashion
Directed By Tom

4.92 min 0
My Golden Cage/Mi Ja-Wilson
My Golden Cage/Mi Ja
Directed By Wilson

14.94 min 0