Contest Name :Mistaken Identity, Submission Date :02-26-2007, Uploaded By : Ms Alle
Directed By :  Suzanne Todd, Writer/Composer,Sydney, Australia,
   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 807
Inspiration: A scene from a feature I`ve been writing called "Venus Factor"
Other Info: Thank you to my husband who stayed up four nights mixing sound and doing his post magic. Comments/Critic welcome.

Too darkGreat sound 
Oh the sound - OH THE SOUND! The original digital mix is more saturated. I think it's the multiple levels of encoding. 
compact and a great story, very good camera work, lighting and impressive editing!!!congrulations!!! 
Thanks Hakan! I had about 2 hours sleep in that 72 hour period! The Set was built in my loungeroom! Twice - we shot it one way, then had to spend 2 hours reversing it! The lighting was a challenge, I only have 2.4 meters roof in my home :) Camera work - thanks for the compliment. I was so tired, lugging a 10 kg camera can be draining! Editing, that's my wife mostly! I just salvaged the sound mix! OK I did a little polishing, but one has to have a good product to make it shine :) 
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