Holding The Wrong Hand- A Modern Tale

Contest Name :Mistaken Identity, Submission Date :02-27-2007, Uploaded By : Marianne
Directed By :  Marianne Gallagher, Film student,Edinburgh,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 1.71 mins
, ,    Views: 431
Inspiration: As a child I used to wander off from my parents in the shops and end up confusing other adults for my parents.
Other Info: Fairytales were used as a way of grooming young children into behaving properly.

Nice attempt. I love the old time feel to it. The child actress is lovely. Good show. The VO could have been better perhaps. but good effort. smiled at the images. 
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Is This The Mother?-Shamus
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The Check Up-Jason
The Check Up
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Mistaken Identity
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Mistaken Identity
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Dear Olivia-David
Dear Olivia
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Holding The Wrong Ha-Marianne
Holding The Wrong Ha
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W George: Tracking T-Suzanne
W George: Tracking T
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Sleeping Swan-Helene
Sleeping Swan
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Safe Trip-Angela
Safe Trip
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The Pick Up
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Out Of Focus
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Mistaken Love-Ebony
Mistaken Love
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Monday Morning...-V
Monday Morning...
Directed By V

2.72 min 0
Directed By Sandra

2.74 min 4
Being Frank-Martin
Being Frank
Directed By Martin

2.35 min 1
Directed By Ilgar

3.01 min 0
Directed By Edwige

2.89 min 3
Once Upon A Time In -Gemma
Once Upon A Time In
Directed By Gemma

1.96 min 3
Directed By ARAUCO

3.08 min 2
The Hanged Man-David
The Hanged Man
Directed By David

1.66 min 0
Directed By Ehren

2.86 min 0
The Bust-Satti
The Bust
Directed By Satti

3.28 min 0
Pumpkin Pie-Alexis
Pumpkin Pie
Directed By Alexis

3.00 min 2
Directed By Otis

2.72 min 1
Man Without A Face-Peter
Man Without A Face
Directed By Peter

2.83 min 1
People Meat Is A Hum-Nuru
People Meat Is A Hum
Directed By Nuru

3.30 min 1
Mistaken Identity-Dinis
Mistaken Identity
Directed By Dinis

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Directed By Yasu

2.18 min 0
Directed By hakan

2.94 min 4
Directed By Sandra

5.80 min 1
Mistaken Identity-Nicolas
Mistaken Identity
Directed By Nicolas

3.00 min 4
Dad`s Dead-Katherine
Dad`s Dead
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2.92 min 6
Mistaken Identity-Nadia
Mistaken Identity
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Close Shave-Peter
Close Shave
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1.71 min 2
Larry The Lion-Michael
Larry The Lion
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Directed By Mike

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The Rendezvous-Dylan
The Rendezvous
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4.46 min 6
Howling Grin-Dama
Howling Grin
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The Message-Muriel
The Message
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3.01 min 4
Lord Krishna?-Vibha
Lord Krishna?
Directed By Vibha

2.91 min 0
The Sentiment In Bet-Mihai
The Sentiment In Bet
Directed By Mihai

4.74 min 1
Blood Red-Andy
Blood Red
Directed By Andy

3.21 min 8
I Am Jack Nicholson-Tom
I Am Jack Nicholson
Directed By Tom

2.78 min 0
Taken Identity-Dawn
Taken Identity
Directed By Dawn

2.17 min 3
Bench Identity-Jose
Bench Identity
Directed By Jose

3.20 min 1
Who Would You Listen-Brian
Who Would You Listen
Directed By Brian

2.99 min 0
Identity Daze-
Identity Daze
Directed By "Bonnie

3.14 min 4
Directed By Cullen

3.27 min 3
Garlic Bread-Kevin
Garlic Bread
Directed By Kevin

2.07 min 1
Just Cause-Chris
Just Cause
Directed By Chris

2.99 min 2
Directed By N.

3.00 min 2
Loose Ends-Chris
Loose Ends
Directed By Chris

3.00 min 1
Mistaken Identity-Karthik
Mistaken Identity
Directed By Karthik

3.01 min 0
Mistaken Identity-Santiago
Mistaken Identity
Directed By Santiago

3.16 min 7
Pane Celeste-Macioce-Nasini
Pane Celeste
Directed By Macioce-Nasini

3.33 min 2
Pane Celeste Bts-_
Pane Celeste Bts
Directed By _

2.67 min 0
The Date-David
The Date
Directed By David

3.17 min 1
You Are No Longer Yo-Sahra
You Are No Longer Yo
Directed By Sahra

2.30 min 2
Double Indemnity-Nick
Double Indemnity
Directed By Nick

3.34 min 2
Directed By Rudolf

3.05 min 4
Directed By Sandra

3.33 min 1
She S All Yours-Alexis
She S All Yours
Directed By Alexis

1.56 min 1
Mother And Daughter-David
Mother And Daughter
Directed By David

3.00 min 2
Directed By Jorge

3.14 min 1
Directed By Katherine

1.85 min 4
Til Death Do Us Part-Dylan
Til Death Do Us Part
Directed By Dylan

3.33 min 1
Directed By Varda

3.50 min 3
Lost Track-Chris
Lost Track
Directed By Chris

2.98 min 1
Directed By CHRIS

2.70 min 1
Directed By Muriel

3.40 min 1
Chihuahua Power-aNDREW
Chihuahua Power
Directed By aNDREW

3.90 min 2
Mistaken Identity Ju-Santiago
Mistaken Identity Ju
Directed By Santiago

3.12 min 2