Contest Name :Mistaken Identity, Submission Date :04-21-2007, Uploaded By : Varda
Directed By :  Varda Hardy, filmmaker,Santa Monica,
 Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.50 mins
Santa Monica ,CA , United States   Views: 10917
Inspiration: Produced by Patrick S. Bennett & Joe Hill. With J.R. Nutt, Cian Olsen. Director of Photography: Christina Fiers. Music Composed by Sanford Livingston

Excillient, simply excillent!!!! A really engaging film...Loved it!Trevor Hardy'Pushkin' 
long shot walking, child, fall and papers, child with gumballs, cut to man on bench, bus smoking, bus alarm? still on bus, kid next to him, gumball is popped out. open attache, no reveal? grabs and runs, coffee , washing shiirt, music change, looks in case, remembers something? goes to kid with wings - what? {Jury Member}
Great job. Love the opening titles!  
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