Contest Name :Neighbors, Submission Date :03-29-2007, Uploaded By : Filmaka
Directed By :  Hedia Anvar, ,LA & NY,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United States   Views: 1367 Other Info: SOUND-DEPENDENT narrative, please use headphones when possible. Otherwise a transcription is available in Comments.

Feedback welcome & appreciated.


For Those that Have Trouble Hearing the Whisperer's Voice: While I would prefer not to explain my short, hoping the subtleties come through and make it self-explanatory, there seems to be a sound issue. The whisperer's voice which is paralleled by what the guy says, speaks the following: "We have always been here as you have always been with us. Space is infinite but limited. We live in the same space but different plane. We are neighbors." Referring to themselves as neighbors while the guy rambles on about neighbors and being neighborly and all that, allows the girl to view them in a different light. 
hi hedia, interesting short. i really like it. its very intense and superbly put together 
This one definitely kept my attention, charming yet disturbing. Beautiful work, good luck. 
thank you, whoever you are! i see only ":" for you user name. 
Do you have a submission in this contest, I don't recognize your name. And thanks! 
Nice job...I wish I was your neighbor. 
Nice job...I wish I was your neighbor. 
Interesting film Hedia. I like that it was a really different take on the whole theme. Nice job. Rosie 
Hedia, very interesting short. Creepy and thought provoking. Nice work! 
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