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Long Battle With Short Message

Contest Name :Cisco Digital Cribs, Submission Date :10-06-2008, Uploaded By : Varala
Directed By :  aanand varala, film making,,
Shot On: s, Edited On: sony vegas,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.06 mins
karimnagar ,andhra pradesh , India   Views: 2909
Inspiration: long battle with short message system for the awareness among the people for seperate state Telangana in India

This is really appreciable that educated ppl like employees & ppl settled abroad also supporting Telangana separate state movement & participating in it. Thanks to varala anand garu fpr bringing this as a documentary. Hats off Thirupatui rao sir. 
I dont believe that separate Telangana State solve problems of telengana people. Causes for backwardness of telangana not only lies in the andhra chief ministers but alos lies in many other reasons. To solve the backwardness problem of telangana it is necessary to look into all causes and working for remedy to those. Then only problems will be solved. I agree that majority people in telangana want separate state. But many people have no idea of causes of backwardness of telangana. They simply gathered by the centiment. However, I appreciate the work done by Mr Thirupathi Rao and his colleagues. I once again congratulate on their successful work. We shall meet again. 
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