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Rossco Wright's Digital Crib

Contest Name :Cisco Digital Cribs, Submission Date :10-09-2008, Uploaded By : Jake
Directed By :  Jake Wehrman, Freelance Producer,,
Shot On: Canon XL2, Edited On: FinalCut / AEcs3,  Crew Members: 2  Duration:
Fall Creek ,OR , United States   Views: 5874
Inspiration: Rossco Wright is an inventor and musician from Eugene, OR. From his digital home workshop, his unique guitars are sent across the world... and beyond!

Really interesting Crib, I like the guitar design. Check out my video Digital Cribs - Austin Scott and let me know what you think. 
Great.. do you think you can make me have a discount with one of those guitars? ;)))))) 
I think your piece deserves an honest critique. Your subject and the filming is great, but the graphics are very primary. If not for them, your film would have been top rated. Good luck. 
All I saw was a Dusty dell keyboard and the free flip phone you get from Verizion... good luck buddy 
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