The Secret: La Lagrima

Contest Name :The Secret, Submission Date :04-30-2007, Uploaded By : Rodrigo Lopez/Arturo
Directed By :  Luis Bernal Salazar, Filmaker,Mexico,
   Crew Members: 9  Duration: 2.79 mins
, , United States   Views: 1910
Inspiration: Tears of ink that mean death, the Mara Salvatrucha, a secret, gang violence, American History X. By the way, "La lágrima" means "The tear".
Other Info: Subtitles in english for the lines in spanish are included as clip comments. We did all in one week so we had no time for the subtitles when editing.

This is for the spanish spoken part of the film only.Subtitles.Gang leader: If you want to be a hommie of this, the best Mara Salvatrucha's clique, you got to kill the first motherfucker that passes by, do you understand?.... Gang member wannabe: Each tear holds a dead guy's name.Clown gangster: This guy did it!, He killed the kid!Gang member wannabe: My tear is a living person The end 
Nice character personification. The short feels really real. 
great film, follows really well. Subtitles may help, but I thought I knew pretty much what was going on through out the film. I like that some parts are in spanish, it feels much more like a silce if life that way. hope that makes sense. 
Thanks for your kind words on my film. I really liked this film too, I thought the acting was great, it's very well shot and I like the way you build towards the guy aquiring his secret. 
Esta bien llevada y todo, me gusto como sobrevive el pelado al final. La musica esta bien y la ambientacion tambien esta bien llevada. Felicitaciones y tanta cosa. 
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