The Secret

Contest Name :The Secret, Submission Date :04-30-2007, Uploaded By : Shikhil
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.29 mins
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hello!i watch your movie before, is first i watch on this competition, i like your idea, simple and tell everything, like everybody look and wait for something, whats going to happen? like a joke, show everything in the end. if i do this, or better get just the idea, put this guy like some of love boy, he likes the girl, is a artist, and she don't look him, never, he finish the draw and go away, maybe he never exists, just the draw, maybe he kill himself. but kill is for me, always have to kill, now, you do a good job. simple, but good. try next time use more takes with details on your characters, get special things, like when he drink, or the girl put food on the plate. and when i watch the first time i imagine him drawning she. but its good. keep doing. 
thanks a lot for spending your time to watch my movie.i'm a student and so i need these kinds of comments.... thanks a lot Mauricio Frohlich. 
This a well made film which explores the unpredictableness of the human mind. A seemingly innocuous meeting between the artist and his temporary muse springs a surprise for the viewers. There is an element of thrill in the way the film is shot. The heightened expectation is clearly visible on the face of the girl. The director has extracted good performances from his actors. - Priya Pradeep 
I don't get it.Point a camera and shoot 2 people doing nothing for 3 minutes.Wow that took alot of effort. 
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