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Contest Name :The Secret, Submission Date :06-21-2007, Uploaded By : Christopher
Directed By :  Christopher Comrie, ,Canada,
   Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.33 mins
, ,    Views: 440
Inspiration: Newsreel images of Beatlemania. Seeing those girls hysterical & fervent the writer thought: who`s she? Where`s she now? Has she seen herself in this?
Other Info: Edited on FCP. Music is original, written expressly for this short. Originated all footage, except for 3 shots from the Public Domain.

I find it amazing the way you recreate film looks from another period so totally authentically and accurately - especially on such a low budget. Great central performance. Very touching story. Congratulations. 
beatle mania, mother wakes up, son wants her out, home movies. visuals good composition, 8mm home movies, every shot of me he took, /she makes up / he took except this onne: scream. good piece {Jury Member}
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