Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :06-01-2007, Uploaded By : Matt
Directed By :  Matt Hysell, Student,Los Angeles, CA,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.97 mins
, ,    Views: 431
Inspiration: The waiting game.

interesting shots! making a movie like this is tough but you did a great job! 
Some great shots. Watch that telephoto lens when hand held, better to physically go close than zoom and go shaky (Yes I know then yu have perspective and depth issues, but that wasn't relevant in this instance.) knock yourself up a small cam stabliser and you'll knock the socks off! 
What was with the water? Sometimes less is more. 
Pretty good shots..But was not much convinced with the game. 
nice shots! and yeah didnt get teh water bit?? 
I really liked how it began, the first, out of focus shot. Good angles! 
Good photography... 
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