Saturday Is Game Day

Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-27-2007, Uploaded By : Brandon
Directed By :  Brandon Minton, Documentary Filmmaker,Plymouth, Michigan,
   Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.60 mins
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Inspiration: I just had to make a film with my cute 84 year old grandmother.
Other Info: Shot in 2 hours, edited and scored in 6 hours. Canon XHA1 HDV and Final Cut Studio 2.

Was this some kind of attempt to make the Audience the voyeur? Or was it an Hitchock "keep the antagonist hidden" - who was at the door? 
Awww, reminds me of my grandmother - haven't seen her since 2004 when my parents (See W George films) whisked her away to an unknown location and refuse to let me know any details. 
good one! All the best 
thats so sweet and cute, well cut together as well - hweiling 
Thanks everyone. I'm glad it was enjoyable. Good luck to you all! -Brandon 
grannies are the best actresses!!! loved this emotional film...miss those days when i played with my own granny ...Good Luck 
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