Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-29-2007, Uploaded By : Davide
Directed By :  Davide Luciano, Filmmaker,Montreal,
   Crew Members: 1  Duration: 1.12 mins
, , United States   Views: 453
Inspiration: a photo...
Other Info: an old woman`s memory of herself playing as a child.

nice job man! music, editing, framing were all great! 
love the cinematography. beautifully filmed. 
Beautiful!Short but strong! 
very good cinematography. Though i do feel that teh script could have been stronger. Over all a gud film 
Hey ur film is good, nicly shot, watch my films also, COMMERCIAL BREAK and CHECK 
Hey. your actor is very interesting, something else.. her face were so meaningful, i could sit there and watch her for a long time. 
Beautifully shot! If you have the chance check out my film "Unsoundness of Mind" 
100 right! 
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